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The discussion

By Jim Killebrew

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[December 13, 2013]  Scene: Some remote, unseen place that exists in God's creation, where two angels are conversing about mankind.

"It is magnificent to be an angel," said the first angel to the second. "We see and hear some of the works of God that humans find so difficult to comprehend. In fact, since they are bound to His created earth, it is completely impossible for the human's finite mind to fully comprehend the awesome power of God."

"Yes, it is true," the second angel said. "His attributes reach far beyond what they can intellectually or emotionally grasp. The process by which He makes decisions is even difficult for us to comprehend; for them it is mostly unknown."

"How true," said the first angel. "They can only begin to understand His essence by thinking of Him within the context of their own 'human characteristics.'"

"But translating what they believe He may be like and transferring that likeness into human terms, only allows them to have a dim view and limited knowledge of His being," the second angel interjected.

"Yes, it is almost like looking into a dark reflection and seeing only a partial image, not seeing it in a face-to-face experience," said the first angel.

"His actions toward them, on the other hand, are much easier for them to understand," said the first.

Pondering the thought, the first angel continued, "God's Word details to humans many ways in which He has moved through their history. His Word has recorded deeds and events beginning even with their very own creation. He spoke into existence their sun, moon, stars, their own earth and indeed, the entire universe."

"And we were there to experience that firsthand," the second angel added.

"And the crowning glory, too," reminded the first.

"Of course, the creation of the very first human," voiced the second.

"But it was the work of salvation that was the most fascinating to behold," the first angel added.

"You actually experienced that?" asked the second.

"Only by happenstance," the first angel added. "The man and his wife had accepted the word of the Deceiver and had rejected their face-to-face communion with the Father," the first angel said. "Feeling that enormous shock wave that reverberated throughout creation at man's choice of rejection," the first angel continued, "I happened to be close to the throne. Bracing myself for what I expected to be the complete destruction of all of mankind's existence, only a discussion occurred instead."

"Please tell me about the discussion," the second angel pleaded.

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"The heavenly host gathered about the throne. Upon the throne sat God, the Father. The Father is not dominated by time. He is not held captive by the limitations and boundaries imposed by the changing patterns of daylight and darkness. As the heavenly host approached Him, He was in thought, deeply engrossed in remembering. But His thinking was almost a brooding or an attitude or a thought too deep for understanding.

"In all of creation there seemed to be a reaction to His thoughts. As if expecting the heaven to melt at His reaction, the world He had created was waiting, almost gasping, and holding on, watching for a small glimmer of what His action would be.

"As the host watched in quiet reverence, the Most Holy One began a discussion with Himself.

"'Share with me your feelings, Father,' a voice said as it approached His powerful presence.

"'The man whom I have created and love has followed another,' He replied. 'My decree is to allow him and his to turn forever because they have chosen so.'

"'Father,' the voice whispered, 'have you not proven to them your love? Have you not communicated with them your understanding? Have you not provided them a way to see your mercy? Have you not made them free?'

"'Yes, My Son,' He replied, 'I have given them their choice.'

"Silence prevailed throughout creation as He contemplated one last choice. Finally, He spoke: 'There is one thing yet to do. I will accept only the most righteous blood of one man who can follow My every precept. For that one man who will make his final choice for Me, I will approve and accept. From him I will set the standard for all to follow. Through him, I will allow all mankind to choose My acceptance or My wrath. By accepting him they will accept Me.'

"At that moment the heaven reeled and all of the created spiritual beings flashed throughout all eternity, and all creation focused itself upon the small earth as the angelic host, with myself as leader, in unison began to proclaim to the shepherds in the fields of Bethlehem, 'Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men.'  Luke 2:14

"Then I said: 'Fear not: for behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people. For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Savior, which is Christ the Lord.'  Luke 2:10 11

"With this, the Word became flesh and lived among men; the discussion ended, and God, the Father, smiled."


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