December 2013


Upcoming Crop Certification Deadline - Monday, Dec. 16th

The deadline to file an acreage report for fall-seeded small grains and perennial forages for the 2014 crop year is December 16, 2013. In our area, this will primarily involve wheat and any cropland field that is planted to a crop such as alfalfa, clover or mixed grass that is baled, chopped or grazed for 2014.

Beginning with the 2014 crop year, which is now, all fall-seeded crops reported after December 16th, 2013, will be considered "late-filed" and subject to a late-filing fee of $46 per farm. NOTE:  Perennial fall forage crops include all existing legumes and grasses harvested/baled, including waterways.  Legumes and grasses (for any use) planted in the spring of 2014 will be considered timely filed if reported by July 15, 2014.

Please stop by or contact the office at 217-735-5508, ext 2, if you are not sure if this change affects your farming operation.