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Article presented an unbalanced picture. Be proud of Lincoln

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To the editor:

In response to Kelly McEvers' article entitled "Dwindling Middle Class Has Repercussions For Small Towns," I am saddened. Not just because of that description of Lincoln, Ill., as a prime town for criminals, drug users and a place to live if you prefer to be unemployed. These words were the impression she left upon me and others close to me.

Before I go further, know that I am very clear as to Ms. McEvers' intentions in her article abut the dwindling middle class.

I, too, grew up in Lincoln, went to the same grade school and high school, and moved away, as did Ms. McEvers. My family was quite familiar and even what I would term as close to the McEvers family. I moved away in 1997, to later move back in 2009.

Hmmm... If she is talking about the same "depot" that I have driven by umpteen times, it was no surprise to see it closed. The depot has opened and closed multiple times since I was young(er). Restaurants have come and gone in Lincoln as in other towns such as the town from which I returned (Taylorville, Ill.).

I certainly had to both giggle and be remorse at her comment, "I could not help but be struck by the question: What happened to Lincoln?"

Seriously? I certainly don't deny that Lincoln's crime rate and drug use has increased over the past several years or that employment has become harder and harder to come by. Nowadays it seems the norm rather than the exception, both in Lincoln and other small towns.


[to top of second column in this letter]

My "beef" with Ms. McEvers' article is that she pretends to be surprised by Lincoln's so- called status. It's not as though anyone blinked, and poof  Lincoln went from a desired community to undesirable. My "beef" with her article is that she didn't mention one single positive about our community or the exceptional individuals who reside here, besides the position of a police chief. Which I also found astounding. Why in heaven would anyone maintain 35 guns in their home, teach their very, very young children to shoot, and then announce to the public that they are in his home?

Haven't the majority of us been brought up with the belief that we should attempt to ignore the poor or bad behavior and applaud, praise or reward the good behaviors? I am not proud of individuals who choose to live in unbecoming and/or risky behaviors, but I am very proud of those individuals who have chosen a positive direction in life, whether it be in a job at McDonald's, teacher, student, working single parent or a spouse who maintains a household while the other spouse works. Why not mention the good that can be found in Lincoln? Why not mention the expansions that have occurred in Lincoln? If we can't be proud of ourselves, no one else will do it for us, especially Ms. McEvers.

Julie (Moran) Denning

[Posted December 21, 2013]

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