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LDN always strives to bring to our readers the very best of what is going on in our community, but we cover the tough stuff too.

This year one of the toughest things we had to do was watch a Lincoln landmark go up in smoke.

When the fire broke out, we had four photographers on the scene, and we documented the event to the best of our ability.

But from the ashes, there is still hope and good news for the community.

While the building was severely damaged by the fire, it is not lost. It will be restored by local businessman David Lanterman and will someday be a vital part of our downtown landscape again.

For the seniors who make up the Oasis, they are preparing for a new home, having purchased the Rusty's Clubhouse on the city's west side. The new location is all one level, handicapped-accessible, with a large parking area. So, in spite of the sadness everyone felt in witnessing the blaze, the outcome is still good.

Pictures by Karen Hargis, Derek Hurley, Nila Smith and Jan Youngquist. Reader submissions by Devin Biggs and Ralph Cook.




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