The year in review

2013 Logan County Fair

Album 9

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And finally, without our advertisers none of this would be possible.

We cannot thank enough, those who invest their dollars in Lincoln Daily News, making it possible for us to pay our staff and other bills as we work to bring our readers the best products we are capable of producing.

And, we wouldn't have all those advertisers without our director of advertising, Karen Hargis. Karen works day in and day out calling on customers, helping them decide what they can do within their budget, and creating for them ad outlines that help them visualize ahead of time what their dollars are buying.  Thanks to Karen, for all she does for LDN and the community.

Pictures by Derek Hurley,  Lisa Ramlow, Nila Smith and Jan Youngquist

Enjoying the carnival rides





Logan County Fair board president Dean Bruns

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