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Throughout the year our local officials and various community leaders work hard to keep Logan County running in the right direction.

But they also take time out to enjoy some of the great activities that go on in the area. 

Here is just a small slice of those we saw, where and when throughout this past year.

Pictures from LDN archives

January  Bruce Carmitchel was selected by Mayor Keith Snyder to finish out the term of the late alderman in Ward 4. Due to the change in city wards effective May 1, Carmitchel will now vie for the position of alderman for Ward 1.


February  Ken Greenslate, city police chief, steps in for a picture with Bucky Washam of the Logan County EMA and his wife, Joanne, at the first responders appreciation dinner sponsored by the Cronin Brothers VFW in Lincoln..

February  Lincoln's new city administrator, Sue McLaughlin, attends her first city council meeting.

March  Melody Anderson, mayor pro tem, introduced Tim Ferguson to the Lincoln City Council.
Ferguson is the newly appointed waste treatment manager.


April  The city of Lincoln began the process of saying goodbye to two aldermen. Due to a change in the number of wards in the city, Stacy Bacon and David Armbrust retired from their positions on May 1. Snyder presented both with plaques of appreciation on behalf of the city.

April  Brenda McCabe and Susan Gehlbach at the annual Office Professionals Luncheon.

April  Lincoln College president John Blackburn at the annual Office Professionals Luncheon.

April  Lincoln/Logan County Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Andi Hake at the annual Office Professionals Luncheon.


April  Lincoln Police Department Chief Ken Greenslate, Brenda McCabe, Andi Hake and Assistant Chief Mike Geriets at the annual Office Professionals Luncheon.
McCabe was named Office Professional of the Year.


April  Kathy Vinyard and her mother at the Lincoln Christian Church Harvest of Talents Spring for Tea.

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