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Monday, January 28, 2013

Life, marriage and everything—The Believers Perspective

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There are two things I would like to address in this paper; they are related in a way. One is the definition of Marriage the other is how a believer should deal with the world we live in.


It seems to me that we need to make sure that we have this straight, - what exactly constitutes a marriage according to the Lord? It really is pretty simple. Marriage is between a Man and a Woman. God instituted marriage in the Garden of Eden, before sin. Marriage was instituted before sin and was good just like everything else God created. All we have to do is read the Book of Genesis Chapter 2 verses 20-25
So the man gave names to all the livestock, the birds of the air and all the beasts of the field. But for Adam no suitable helper was found. So the LORD God caused the man to fall into a deep sleep; and while he was sleeping, he took one of the man’s ribs and closed up the place with flesh. Then the LORD God made a woman from the rib he had taken out of the man, and he brought her to the man. The man said,” This is now bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh; she shall be called ‘woman, ‘for she was taken out of man.”For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and they will become one flesh. The man and his wife were both naked, and they felt no shame.
This relationship was to be a lifelong relationship. God hates divorce (Malachi 2:16), divorce should never be an option in a marriage. A Marriage is based on Love and commitment a commitment before God and man. So to sum it up, marriage is between a man and a woman, a commitment to each other based on love before God and man.

I believe the homosexual (same sex) partners can be committed to one another but that is not marriage that, at best friendship. To say that same sex partners can be married is simply going against what the Bible says.

So how should we react to the homosexual movement and especially gay marriage? How should we react as followers of Jesus to the sinners of this world? When something catastrophic happens or a manmade disaster how should we react as followers of Jesus?

I think it starts by looking at the example of Jesus in scripture. Most of the time we see Him eating and fellowshipping with the sinners.

Mark 2:13-17
Once again Jesus went out beside the lake. A large crowd came to him, and he began to teach them. As he walked along, he saw Levi son of Alphaeus sitting at the tax collector’s booth. “Follow me,” Jesus told him, and Levi got up and followed him. While Jesus was having dinner at Levi’s house, many tax collectors and sinners were eating with him and his disciples, for there were many who followed him. When the teachers of the law who were Pharisees saw him eating with the sinners and tax collectors, they asked his disciples: “Why does he eat with tax collectors and sinners?” On hearing this, Jesus said to them, “It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick. I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners.”

Jesus chose to fellowship with those who were sinners. The woman at the well in John 4 is a great example of the ministry of Jesus. First He goes to a place where most Jews would not go, Samaria. He then sits and waits for the woman to show up at the well. She was alone; no one else would talk to her because she was a sinner. Jesus accepted her right where she was at and was able to talk to her. She listened because she was accepted first. Jesus gave her worth by speaking to her in a way she could understand; He did not talk down to her He just Accepted and loved her.

I think this is what lacks in Christians in America. Our motto could be “Judge first ask questions later”. We judge people instead of loving them. We tell them that they are wrong and we are right and they better get with it or they are going to hell. Personally if it were me listening to that why would I want to believe in Jesus?

So let me ask those questions again

So how should we react to the homosexual movement and especially gay marriage?

I believe we should work on simply loving the people and not judging them. Accept them and tell them the truth. The truth is what they need, they need to know the love of God, I think they already understand judgment. Don’t get me wrong I am no fan of the homosexual agenda. But I am here on this earth to follow Jesus and be His ambassador, not to change someone’s agenda

How should we react as followers of Jesus to the sinners of this world?

We should be like Jesus. Accept people where they are at love them and tell them the truth.

When something catastrophic happens or a manmade disaster how should we react as followers of Jesus?

I think we should be known for our compassion. The follower of Christ should be the first one to lend a helping hand in times that are overwhelming. Most people question what God is doing in these kinds of times. They may ask ”Where is God in all of this?”. We need to be ready to tell them that God is still there and that He cares for them.

We must always remember that it is for God to judge, not us, we are just to do whatever God tells us to do

He has showed you, O man, what is good.
And what does the Lord require of you?
To act justly and to love mercy
and to walk humbly with your God.

Micah 6:8 NIV

[Pastor Steve Poirot—Lincoln Bible Church]


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