Monday, July 08, 2013
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City approves start of ambitious street project plans

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[July 08, 2013]  Monday evening, Lincoln aldermen approved engineering services for street projects to be completed this fall and next year.

Maurer-Stutz, of Peoria, was hired for pulverization, regrading and seal coating a number of streets. The firm will also provide similar services for a white-topping project, brick street repairs to be completed next year, and heat scarification and micro-surfacing projects.

The Maurer-Stutz firm of engineers and surveyors came at the recommendation of city engineer Darren Forgy.

During the workshop session earlier in the month, Forgy explained that many of the streets in Lincoln have “lost their crown,” which has led to drainage issues as well as other problems.

Forgy told the council that Maurer-Stutz was better qualified to do the work needed than Prairie Engineers. In addition, the Peoria firm has much more experience with brick streets than the Lincoln firm.

Last Monday, during discussion prior to the vote, Melody Anderson asked city administrator Sue McLaughlin if the firm had priced their services appropriately.

McLaughlin said they had. She said the engineering and surveying work would make up about 5 percent of the total cost of the projects, which is well within line of standard fees for this type of work.

Forgy said Maurer-Stutz will do their work and prepare the bid specifications for each project. The city will then have to go out for bid on the actual work. When asked if there would be time to complete this ambitious list of jobs by the date predicted, Forgy said he was confident there was.

This list of projects was taken directly from the city’s new five-year capital improvement plan prepared earlier this year by Prairie Engineers.

Below is the complete list of projects on the docket. Many of the projects will be finished this fall. Along with the list, which was provided by Forgy, is a brief explanation of the process that will be used in the projects.


Pulverization projects to be completed by October 31, 2013

Pulverization of existing pavements reduces the cost of street reconstruction by recycling the existing pavement materials in place. Pulverization involves "grinding up" several inches of the existing pavement surface and base, then re-grading and compacting the recycled material to form a new smoother roadway base and eliminating previous surface defects. A new "oil and chip" surface layer or seal coat is then applied to the reclaimed base completing the rehabilitated roadway.

Roads Scheduled for Pulverization:

Grand Avenue -- 1 block; Lincoln Parkway to 23rd Street

8th Street -- 3 blocks; North Evans to North Jefferson

North Evans -- 1block; 8th Street to Short 8th

North Main Street -- 1 block; 8th Street to Short 8th

Short 8th Street -- 1 block; North Evans to North Main Street

Jefferson Street -- 2 blocks; 3rd Street to 1st Street

1st Street -- 1 block; South Jefferson to South Madison

South College Street -- 5 blocks; 2nd Street to West Kickapoo

West Kickapoo Street -- 1 block; Gavin Street to South Elm

South Elm Street -- 1block; West Kickapoo to South Kickapoo

South Street -- 1 block; South College to Oscar Street

Center Street -- 1block; South College to Oscar Street

North Street -- 1block; South College to Oscar Street

Oscar Street -- 2 blocks; North Street to South Street

Oscar Street -- 1block; 2nd Street to 1st Street

Webster Drive -- 1block; South Elm to 1st Street

1st Street -- 1block; Webster Drive to Railroad Avenue

Railroad Avenue – 1 block; South Elm to 1st Street

Sunset Drive -- 1block; Frorer Avenue to Comet Avenue

Williamette Avenue -- 1block; South Sheridan to South Butler

South Sherman – 1 block; Willard Avenue to Wyatt Avenue

South Butler -- 1 block; Wyatt Avenue to Decatur Street

South Butler -- 2 blocks; Pulaski Street to Pekin Street

South Elliott -- 2 blocks; Pekin to Tremont Street

South Pekin -- 5 blocks; North Elliott to Foley Street

Foley Street – 1 block; Broadway to Pekin Street

South Miller Street – one-half block from Alley between Pulaski Street and Broadway to Broadway Street

North Miller Street -- 1block; Broadway to Pekin

North Sherman -- 1block; Lincoln Avenue to Keokuk Street

Lincoln Avenue -- 1block; North Chicago Street to North Kickapoo

Davenport Street -- 1block; North Kickapoo to North Mclean

Oklahoma Avenue -- 3 blocks; North Kickapoo to North Sherman

Omaha Avenue -- 3 blocks; North Kickapoo to North Sherman

Denver Avenue -- 2 blocks; North Kickapoo to North Hamilton

North Mclean -- 1block; Oklahoma Avenue to Omaha Avenue

North Hamilton Street -- 5 blocks; Davenport Street to Denver Avenue

North Kankakee -- 1block; Harrison Street to East Feldman Drive

Seal Coating projects to be completed by October 31, 2013

Seal coating is a cost-effective pavement preservation method used to seal existing bituminous streets with surface cracking. It is effective at sealing the pavement surface and will prolong the life of a pavement so long as the existing pavement is in stable condition and crack widths are not excessive. The process involves spraying an asphalt emulsion road oil on the surface, spreading a layer of limestone rock chips over the oil, and rolling the chips to bind the oil and rock chips to the existing surface.

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Roads Scheduled for Seal Coating:

Nicholson Road -- roughly 2300 feet; Lincoln Parkway to North Ottawa

East Feldman Drive -- roughly 1500 feet; Nicholson Road to Rutledge Drive

North Kankakee -- 2 blocks; Ophir Avenue to Harrison Street

Bond Street -- 1block; Southgate Street to Mayfair Drive

Hennepin Street -- 1block; Inlet Street to its north end)

Commercial Drive -- 1block; Burlington Street to Rte. 10

North Sheridan Street -- 1block; Broadway Street to Pekin Street

South Sheridan -- 4 blocks; Wyatt Avenue to Broadway

North Butler -- 2 blocks; Tremont to Pekin Street

South Butler – 1 block; Pulaski to Clinton Street

North Elliot -- 1block; Broadway to Pekin Street

South Elliot -- 3 blocks; Decatur Street to Broadway

South Sherman -- 2 blocks; Frorer Avenue to Willard Avenue

South Sherman – 1 block; Wyatt Avenue to Decatur Street

Decatur Street – 1 block; South Sherman to South Sheridan

South Sheridan Street -- 1block; Frorer Avenue to Williamette Avenue

South Butler Street -- 1block; Frorer Avenue to Williamette Avenue

West Kickapoo -- 1 block; South Elm to South Kickapoo

1st Street -- 1block; South Washington to South Jefferson Street

1st Street -- 8 blocks; South Madison to Walnut Street

South Jefferson Street – 1 block; 3rd Street to 4th Street

4th Street - 2 blocks; South Washington to South Madison Street

South Monroe -- 1block; 4th Street to 5th Street

South Madison -- 1 block; 5th Street to 6th Street

6th Street -- 2 blocks; South Madison to South Adams Street

South Adams Street -- 1 block; 6th Street to 7th Street

8th Street -- 5 blocks; North Jefferson to North State Street

8th Street -- 1 block; North College to North Elm Street

8th Street -- 2 blocks; North State Street to North Elm

North Elm Street -- 1 block; 8th Street to 9th Street

North Monroe Street -- 1 block; 9th Street to Short 10th

Heat Scarification and Micro-surfacing to be completed by October 31, 2013

Heat scarification, as its name implies, involves the heating and scarification, or breaking up of the surface layer of an existing bituminous pavement surface. The bituminous material is then typically mixed with additional bituminous material or a rejuvenating compound and compacted to form a new pavement surface. The surface must be sealed to prevent moisture from entering the roadway base. We anticipate sealing the scarified pavements with a micro­ surface. The micro-surface is a polymer-modified asphalt and aggregate mixture designed to protect the pavement and provide a skid-resistant wearing surface.

Roads Scheduled for Heat Scarification and Micro-surfacing:

Oakhill Drive -- roughly 1300 feet; Memorial Park Road to the west

Broadwell Drive -- roughly 2000 feet; Lincoln Parkway to South State Street

North College Street -- 1 block; Woodlawn Road to East Rigg Drive

North Union Street 2 blocks; Woodlawn Road to 11th Street

North Logan Street -- 4 blocks; Keokuk Street to Wichita Avenue

Clinton Street -- 1block; South Logan to South Sangamon Street

Clinton Street -- 9 blocks; South Chicago Street to South Beason

Wyatt Avenue -- 3 blocks; South Kickapoo to South Sherman

White-Topping project to be completed by November 30 2013

White-topping is the overlay of an existing asphalt pavement with a layer of Portland cement concrete. The existing surface must first be milled to give the surface texture and to provide room for the appropriate thickness of concrete.

Road Scheduled for White-Topping :

S. Hamilton Street -- 1block; Pulaski Street to Broadway Street

Pulaski Street project to be completed by May 2014

Construction is scheduled to begin on the Pulaski Street rehabilitation in September of 2013. The rehabilitation will include the reconstruction of Pulaski St. as a concrete surface. Work to be done in conjunction with the paving includes sanitary sewer reconstruction, the addition of storm sewers, and the reconstruction of the adjacent sidewalks.

Roads scheduled for reconstruction:

Pulaski Street -- 5 blocks; South Hamilton Street to South Ladue

Brick Street Repair projects to be completed by July 31, 2014

The city's brick streets are in generally poor condition. Minimal maintenance has been performed over the years and existing utility cuts have typically been patched with concrete which has severely reduced the ride-ability or smoothness of the streets.

This brick street repair project would partially restore four blocks of existing brick streets. The plan calls for the replacement of concrete surfaced utility cuts with original bricks reclaimed from other roadway reconstruction projects.

Roads Scheduled for Brick Street Repair:

7th Street -- 1block; Pine Street to Walnut Street

North Ottawa Street -- 1 block; Broadway Street to Pekin Street

South Mclean -- 1block; Decatur to Clinton Street

North Mclean -- 1 block; Lincoln Avenue to Keokuk

[By NILA SMITH, with copy of project information provided by Darren Forgy]

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