Bryce Conner goes to school in a city of Lincoln fire truck
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Bryce Conner is the son of Chad and Annette Conner. Annette and the Conner children are living in Atlanta, close to family, while husband Chad is deployed with the United States Navy. Thursday morning Annette was busy taking photos to send to dad of her youngest son's very proud moment.

When the fire truck arrived at Carroll Catholic, Bryce's classmates rushed out to greet him. Then everyone posed for a photo with the fire truck. Bryce was given the place of honor, sitting in the front seat of the fire truck for the shot.

Pictures by Nila Smith

A quick group shot before loading up.

Ready to go!


The truck arrives at Carroll Catholic.

Bryce's classmates are excited to see him arrive.


Time for a group photo.

The man of the hour!


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