Lincoln College's 'Tempest' sets the stage for a great season

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The Lincoln College theatrical department has closed the books on the first production of the season and considers it to have been a great success.

The play was set up to be performed at the Lincoln College Creekside Environmental Center with a cornfield as the backdrop.  For the weekend, the majority of the performances did take place outdoors. It was only on Thursday evening and Saturday evening that inclement weather drove the production indoors to the Johnson Center for Performing Arts on the college campus.

At the conclusion of the Friday evening performance at Creekside, just as Prospera was ending her monologue, a strong wind blew across the audience and stage. One attendee said it was a terrific moment that seemed to put an exclamation point on the whole evening's performance.

Pictures received from Lincoln College Professor Kenneth Z. Kendall, director of "The Tempest."
Captions by Curt Fox

Prospera (Alexa Maxey) calls up a tempest to drive the king's ship to her island.

Miranda (Tegan Follis), Prospera's daughter, yearns to be off the island and for true love.


The stage at Creekside Environmental Center with solar lights and torches providing stage lighting. Alexa Maxey (foreground) creates the tempest that Riley Dobson (left), India Stoddard (center) and Angelique Tally (right) have to endure, with Ariel (Kendall Katz) above the tempest in the back.

Stephano (Bobby Wilhelmson) enjoys another pull from his ever-present bottle of wine. Even before the play commenced, Stephano staggered through the audience, greeting the theatergoers.

Trincula (Lauren), Stephano (yes, Bobby in a dress) and Caliban (Kendall) are unhappy about receiving their just deserts for their conniving.


Curtain call: the cast of "The Tempest," from left, Angelique Tally, Chase Krones, Brett Nelson, Tegan Follis, Alexa Maxey, Bobby Wilhelmson, Lauren Stanfield, Kendall Katz, India Stoddard and Riley Dobson.





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