Work continues on Pulaski Street project

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Work on Pulaski Street in front of the Lincoln IGA is moving along.

On Tuesday morning, crews were working to dig up the old sewer lines that run under the street. The old cast-iron combined sewer is being replaced with PVC and a separated sewer system. This means that when they are finished, rainwater runoff will travel to the waste treatment plant in its own pipes, while raw sewage will run in its own pipes. This should reduce the number of sewer backups due to heavy rain.

In addition, the separated sewers will eventually be mandated in the city of Lincoln by the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency. Doing the sewer upgrades during street construction will in the long run save money, prevent destruction of good streets and put the city a step ahead of the EPA.

The block in front of the IGA is asphalt over brick. Those who are interested in how the old brick streets may have been constructed can see in the last picture what appears to be two layers of brick laid in opposite directions.

Pictures by Nila Smith




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