Porter Schwantz goes to school in a fire truck

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Last week Porter Schwantz got his ride to school in a city of Lincoln fire truck. Porter won this privilege by being the first-place winner among the second-grade entries in the fire department's Fire Safety Poster Contest. There were 70 entries in that class.

Porter was picked up and delivered to Zion Lutheran School by firefighter Chris Perrine and Lt. Jason Van Winkle. He was accompanied on his ride by his twin brother, Peyton, and his other brother, Paul.

Porter is the son of Herman and Sara Schwantz of Lincoln.

Pictures by Karen Hargis

Porter's winning masterpiece reminds everyone: If your clothes catch fire, stop, drop and roll.

Porter's fellow students at Zion Lutheran wait for the fire truck to arrive.


Here it comes!

All the kids are excited to see Porter and his brothers arrive.

This is Porter.


And this is his twin brother, Peyton.  Good thing they are wearing different shirts!


Twin brother Peyton, brother Paul and Porter

Fireman Chris Perrine, Peyton, Paul, Porter and Lt. Jason Van Winkle


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