Lincoln Public Library hosts Child ID Day
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Thursday afternoon the Lincoln Public Library hosted a Child ID Day at the library Annex. On hand to prepare the ID kits for parents were Lincoln Police Officer Brian Clements, Logan County Sheriff's Deputy Jason Kuhlman and Karen Petty of Lincoln/Logan County Crime Stoppers.

The ID kits were prepared by the officers and given to the parents for safekeeping. Should it ever be needed, the parents will have an envelope that contains the child's photo, fingerprints and DNA samples.

Pictures by Curt Fox

Lincoln Police Officer Brian Clements works the computer.

Fingerprints were taken with a digital reader -- no messy ink.


Fingerprints and a photo were printed and given to the parents.

Deputy Jason Kuhlman of the sheriff’s department helps a youngster with the fingerprint reader.

A little one needs a bit of assistance with her fingerprints.

After the fingerprints, a photo is taken.



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