A chilly day brings in the crowds at Germanfest

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This year the church teamed up with the Oasis Senior Center in their annual fundraiser. The proceeds from Germanfest will be divided between the church and the Oasis building fund.

Oasis members and church members worked side by side inside and outside to help make the event run smoothly.

Pictures by Nila Smith

An official "pot-stirrer" keeps the German potato salad churned up and ready for serving.

Want a good chuckle? Read the sweatshirt.


In the entryway of the church, sweet delights whet the appetite.

Upstairs a ticket seller provides a carryout container for a customer.

Taking a moment to smile for the camera.

A steady line of hungry customers kept these two busy the entire time.


Beverages to go with the meal included tea, coffee and sweet, homemade apple cider.

Soon after opening, the St. John Fellowship Hall begins to fill with diners.


Two friends share a secret.

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