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Marriage Licenses, Civil Unions

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[August 26, 2013 Marriage licenses issued:

Aug. 21

  • Couve, Justin Wade, Lincoln
    Groves, Kaitlin Josephine, Lincoln

Aug. 22

  • Wilham, Adam Curtis, Lincoln
    Hutchison, Jenna Patricia, Lincoln

  • Mosby, Carl D., Lincoln
    Kennedy, Tracy Nichole, Kenosha, Wisconsin

Aug. 23

  • Grigg, Jeff Scott, Lincoln
    Dallavalle, Marsha Diane, Lincoln

  • Caldwell, Bill L., Lincoln
    Hieronymus, Marcia J., Lincoln

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Aug. 26

  • Fitzpatrick, Chad Michael, Mount Pulaski
    Swan, Cary Lynn, Mount Pulaski

  • Wise, Scott Dwayne, Waynesville
    Vanover, Tracy Lynn, Waynesville

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