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A big thank-you to sponsors and volunteers of 40th annual Lincoln Art & Balloon Festival

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Dear Editor:

On behalf of the chamber board of directors and staff, I would like to extend to all volunteers, sponsors, Logan County Board, Lincoln City Council, city of Lincoln Mayor Keith Snyder, Sheriff Steve Nichols, Lincoln city police Chief Ken Greenslate and so many others our sincere gratitude for the hard work contributed to the success of the 40th annual Lincoln Art & Balloon Festival. The weekend was hot and exhausting, but from so many of you, I saw a tireless enthusiasm that helped to create the family-friendly environment we strove to achieve. For this effort, I and the chamber board of directors are truly grateful.

Attendance for the weekend was one of the largest in the history of this event and continues to grow each year. Without the tireless work of our countless volunteers, this event would not function and flow as well as it does. So many volunteers come back year after year to make this event stronger and stronger each year. We also saw many new volunteers this year and hope you had a positive experience and will consider giving of your time, skills and talents in future years.

I also extend a special thank-you to our nearly 100 sponsors. Without them, this event would not be a possibility. The sponsors bring us everything from the beautiful hot air balloons to the necessities of porta-potties and tents, and everything in between.

[to top of second column in this letter]

On behalf of everyone at the chamber, I also want to express appreciation for those who often go unnamed but almost never go unnoticed. These individuals may not give their time wearing the brightly colored volunteer shirts, but they give of their time and talents just as generously, and sometimes their space. These individuals work behind the scenes before, during and well after the festival has concluded. They make sure we have electricity in places that do not normally have it available, make water available and hang signage so every visitor to the event knows exactly where to go. These people block off streets and loan us trailers, trucks and their time to haul materials with these trailers and trucks. They hang pretty artwork to show the community does care about a seemingly unattractive burnt-out old building. They decorate our sidewalks, water and plant flowers, trim trees, mow grass and more grass. There are those who donate building supplies and those who put those building supplies together to create signage, or a nice yellow fence, and those who wash the borrowed vehicles that tote us around all weekend, before we have to return them. We appreciate you. Your efforts, although maybe not mentioned in a book or on a sign, do not go unnoticed.

This event could not and would not happen without each and every one of those mentioned above and your time, energy and support. Cooperation and coordination were clearly evident, and those are two key elements to the success of any event, especially one of this magnitude.

"Thank you" does not seem an adequate phrase to share the sentiment of the chamber board and myself. I hope that your volunteer experience was wonderful and, therefore, something you will choose to repeat in the years to come.


Don Peasley
President, board of directors
Lincoln/Logan County Chamber of Commerce

[Posted September 04, 2013]

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