Hundreds benefit from Community Health Fair

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Pictures by Nila Smith

The local Walgreens store was on hand offering free blood glucose screenings.  The glucose level in the blood can be an indicator of diabetes.

The test is very simple and for the most part, painless.


The technician first cleans the finger with an alcohol swab.

A digital test is then quickly done on the droplet from the finger, and the meter gives a numerical reading for blood glucose.

Then she uses a special disposable needle to give the finger a poke and draw a small amount of blood.

A guest discusses the benefits of massage therapy with the representative at the "Healing Touch" table.


Well, there is a familiar face! Marcia Cook is the owner and operator of Healing Touch. She's been training to do massage therapy.

Blood pressure screening is done easily at the wrist instead of the upper arm.

Cook does the therapy as her own business but also has used it in her position with Safe Haven Hospice.

The BP screenings were offered by Safe Haven Hospice.



The Century Dental Center table offered freebies for kids.

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