Mayor Snyder expresses appreciation for foster grandparents

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Pictures by Nila Smith

The next thank-you goes to Marjorie Hamilton, while her husband, Charlie, also a foster grandparent, looks on.

Mayor Snyder chooses a volunteer to hand out the next certificate.


The young volunteer hands the thank-you to Elaine Ray.

Another youngster hurries to give Charlie Hamilton his certificate.

Charlie offers a smile to the mayor.


Mayor Snyder asks the kids to give their helpers a round of applause.

Certificate recipients Charlie Hamilton, Marjorie Hamilton, Annie McCray and Ruth Ann Hieronymus are pleased with their recognition.




Foster Grandparent coordinator Carol Kincaid was also on hand for the presentation.

In addition to Kincaid, Community Action 's executive director, Jacob Sexton, was on hand for the event, along with longtime Head Start employee Kathy McIntosh, who was the bus driver for Logan 2 for the day.

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