District 27 and Lincoln Junior High name three distinguished
and one honorary alumni for 2014

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Pictures by Nila Smith

The plaque is delivered by Lynn.

Plotner was recognized as an Honorary LJHS Graduate.


Plotner spoke about his many years of service as teacher and superintendent for District 27.

Michael Workman, future LJHS principal, delivers the first portion of the closing remarks for the evening.

Washington-Monroe Principal Ginger Yeazle delivers the last portion of the closing remarks, advising guests they are entitled to either a Central School or LJHS ornament if they have a certain mark on their programs.

This centerpiece got a lot of attention as it features an early picture of Lincoln Central Junior High School and the eighth-grade graduating class. The date of the photo is obscured, but one guest observed a student she believed was Langston Hughes. If correct, that would date the photo back to 1916.



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