Zion Lutheran students learn about careers and hobbies

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On Monday, every student at Zion Lutheran School in Lincoln ditched their routine Monday classes, but no one got in trouble for it. Instead they learned some real-life lessons about careers and hobbies.

Altogether there were 15 people on hand to present a total of 45 different sessions about what they do in their jobs or careers, or what they enjoy doing as a hobby or craft.

The adults who offered the workshops included veterinarian technician Tina Lynn, sign language instructor Linda Schaefer, pizza maker Chad Batson of Stuffed-Aria, Spanish teacher Cindy Beccue and cake decorator Peggy Payne of Peggy's Place Bakery.  Autum Robison offered sessions on speech and drama, and Jennifer Prather of Babyations taught them how to make hairbows.  Amy Naughton led afternoon sessions about caring for livestock. In addition, David Opperman brought out a combine for the kids to explore.

Hobbyist Paula Crawford helped the kids make no-tie blankets that will be donated to the St. Louis Children's Hospital. Hunting enthusiast Rick O'Hara shared interesting facts about various forms of wildlife. Jan Sielaff offered a class called "Fun With Food." Dawn Steiner assisted the kids in baking cookies, and Joe Stambaugh discussed woodworking with students.

Also doing presentations were Patty Huffer of the Logan County 4-H, who talked about the 4-H Aerospace Adventures program, and Clarissa Akpore, also with 4-H, talked about Agriculture in the Classroom.

Pictures by Nila Smith

Kids in this session learned how much fun it is to decorate cupcakes.

Peggy Payne of Peggy's Place talks to the kids about how to pipe frosting.



The kids enjoyed being creative with their frosting. Some used a blue base,  others yellow. Then they added touches such as white stars and dots.


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