St. Clara's Manor celebrates its volunteers

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According to Tipton, there are more than 40 volunteers who give their time and talents to St. Clara's Manor and its residents.  She commented that what they offer of themselves is priceless, and it means more than they will ever know to the residents as well as the staff.

Not all the volunteers were available to attend the Monday meal, but they still nearly filled the chapel at St. Clara's. Among those present were Karen Birnbaun, Mary Fuller, Joyce Grimsley, Eleanor Gunderman, Sandi Hall, Shirley Klink, Ruth Post, Lyle Read, Phyllis Read, Toni Reifsteck, Sandy Sanders, Marilyn Schneider, Becki Shreves, Mary Ellen Thorton, Lillian Twist, Mary Welch and Sandy Wilmert.

Before dessert was served, Tipton spoke to the group and then announced the volunteer of the year. She began by describing the person, and it only took a couple of hints for everyone to know it was Joyce Grimsley, except maybe Joyce.

Grimsley came forward and accepted the plaque presented by Tipton. She commented that she was surprised to be the one chosen and thought there were many in the room who deserved the recognition. She thanked Tipton and everyone else before returning to her seat.

Immediately afterward, the hostesses sliced up a cherry-lime cake with tons of lime-green frosting. Of course the first piece was served to the volunteer of the year.

Pictures by Nila Smith





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