Abe's sittin' pretty once again

Repair of the world's largest covered wagon nears completion

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When Abe arrived at the scene on Friday morning, he was happily reading his book. The book had been broken, and putting it back together was part of the repair.

Some may remember that a couple of years ago the Logan County Mounted Police donated handmade benches to the site so that visitors could sit down and admire the wagon.

Though it probably wasn't planned, it did end up that more much of the morning Abe sat on one of those benches. So, with no exaggeration, from this day forward, we can honestly say that Abraham Lincoln sat on one of those benches.

The two semi tow trucks from RBC were connected to the wagon, and with coaching from Matthews, raised the wagon up from either side simultaneously.

Once the wagon was more or less swinging in the air, the wheels were quickly put back into place.

Pictures by Nila Smith




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