Park district hosts huge turnout for annual egg hunt

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Saturday morning was perfect for an egg hunt at the Lincoln Park District.  The weather was cool, which was OK for all those youngsters who were dashing across the golf green, grabbing up plastic eggs by the fists full.

The hunt began at 10 a.m. with the littlest scavengers getting to go first. The green was roped off into four sections with eggs scattered in each one. For the youngest group, the eggs were laid on the ground fairly close to the starting line, so there wouldn't be so much running to fetch up a basketful of treats. As the age groups progressed, by the time the oldest hunters were up, they were required to run almost to the target to scarf up eggs and prizes.

The younger groups were also allowed to have a little help from moms, dads, brothers, sisters, grandmas and grandpas, and even aunts and uncles!  However, the older kids were on their own, but not without some coaching and cheering from the sidelines.

Pictures by Nila Smith




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