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In the afternoon, guests at the museum were treated to Lincoln-era music through the interpretive performances of Allen Mendez and Jeff Arbisi.

Mendez played the role of Capt. Alexander Raffen, a young man raised in a wealthy family in Quincy. He was a third-generation banjo player. He became a field commander for the 16th Illinois Infantry, which is where he met John T. Palmer (played by Arbisi), who was also from Quincy.

Palmer's parents died while he was serving in the infantry, and he chose not to return to his hometown after his discharge. He and his now fast friend Mendez became traveling minstrels.

Saturday afternoon, the pair performed for a large group on the ground floor of the Lincoln Heritage Museum. Present for their performance were portrayers of President and Mrs. Lincoln. Lincoln was a lover of music and enjoyed hearing the banjo and fife performance. However, the day was growing long for the couple, and as they sat down to rest and relax, they let go of the thoughts and troubles of the day and drifted off for a bit.

Pictures by Curt Fox, Nila Smith and Jan Youngquist




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