Workforce Readiness Expo teaches students to think outside the box

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After the keynote at the Workforce Readiness Expo, there were four workshop sessions the students would take turns attending. The whole body of seniors were divided into groups, with each group attending a session, then later switching out to attend another one until everyone had been to all of them.

The two main panel discussions were one on agricultural careers and a second entitled "Getting Paid for Your Passion."

The agriculture panel included Stephanie Deneke, DVM; Dave Irwin of State Bank of Lincoln; Dr. Penny Wittler, the ag instructor at Lincoln High School; Dave Bishop of PrairiErth Farm; and Michael Schmidt of Central Illinois Ag.

The panelists fielded pre-written questions from the students, including inquiries about their workday schedules and their reasons for their career choices.

In the second group, Jackie Pavlik of the Lincoln Park District, John Guzzardo of Guzzardo's restaurant and Seth Goodman of ME Realty were the panelists. The three talked about how their passion or interest turned into a successful career. Because of this, they do what they love. Students threw out random questions to the panel, with each panelist taking a turn commenting on the question.

Pictures by Nila Smith

The ag panel

Veterinarian Stephanie Deneke


Michael Schmidt, Central Illinois Ag

Dave Bishop, PrairiErth Farm

Dave Irwin, State Bank of Lincoln

Dr. Penny Wittler, Lincoln High School


Panel: "Getting Paid for Your Passion"

Seth Goodman, ME Realty

John Guzzardo, Guzzardo's restaurant

Students throw out questions for the panelists.



Jackie Pavlik, personal trainer at Lincoln Park District.

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