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Lincoln Art & Balloon Festival

Art and children, a great pairing
Kids can get artistic at Art Fair

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[August 22, 2014]  LINCOLN - Children attending the Art and Balloon Festival with their families will have a place of their own to purchase or create art. As the festival site describes it, “The Children’s Art Fair is a place where children can shop and create artwork while mom, dad, and grandparents visit the Art Fair.

Sponsored by Christian Child Care, this is a safe place for your children to visit and learn more about art. The CCC Art Tent offers unique art. This opportunity allows children to make their own art fair purchases at reduced, child friendly prices. It also offers parents a great opportunity to introduce children to the exciting world of art and at the same time offers children the opportunity to be artistic.

In addition to making art fair purchases, children will have an opportunity to do one of several crafts with assistance from Christian Child Care staff. In one area they can construct kites out of paper and coat hangers. At another they will be able to design 3-D balloons out of gift wrap. They will also have an opportunity to make binoculars from paper towel rolls to help them “view” the balloons. Finally, they will be able to create wind socks with hot air balloon scenes on them.

Barbara Follis, a teacher from Christian Child Care who has volunteered at the art fair for several years says, “The children and parents seem to love having an opportunity to create together. It's fun to listen to the conversations between them.” She also states, “I love watching the children create - my favorite was the child who made a kaleidoscope with loose parts by gluing crumbled leaves to the end of a tube.”

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The Children’s Art Tent will be located in Latham Park in the section nearest the library. Children’s Art Fair hours are Saturday, August 23 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Sunday, August 24 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. For $5.00, children can do all the projects they want to do.



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