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Police militarization


By Jim Killebrew

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[August 25, 2014]  It is amazing how some things can start an argument. There are some ideas and concepts that just seem to lend themselves to the betterment of mankind. In a world that is striving so intently to erase the presence of God from the lives of people, the only thing they have left is the intentional kindness one person would show toward another person without having any moral basis for doing it. Perhaps we could define this as "secular freedom." The problem is the ingrained "sin-nature" that overrides that moral compass and replaces it with greed, jealously and a sociopathic tendency toward taking from others what one wants for himself.

Take freedom for instance. Freedom is something that seems "built-in" to the human mind and psychic mentality. People everywhere long for freedom; America has been a nation of freedom that was spawned by the yearning of those who wanted to shed the yoke of bondage and fly independently with "unalienable Rights" that were "endowed by their Creator." That yearning for freedom produced the now famous words, "We The People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America."

But freedom is elusive when it is placed outside of the realm of God's Providence. We have experienced that throughout the world history. We have stories and accounts of despots from every culture from the beginning of recollection. Powerful men and women have decided to take what they want and reduce those around them into subjugation as servants or slaves only with the rights of conquered people. Wave after wave of civilizations have risen and fallen under the crushing blows of those whose perceptions of themselves gave them egos to squash those around them and rise up their armies and fulfill their own personal dreams to the detriment of those who opposed their venture. One only need open a U.S. history book to list out the attempts of tyrants who have tried to crush our freedom.

Even in our current news cycle we are coming face-to-face with radical forces of terror who are killing everything in their path in order to obtain their goals. We are witnessing day-by-day the foibles of ISIS or ISIL who are on the march to establish and maintain their caliphate to serve as a base of operations to carry out beheadings, homicidal bombings in transportation conveyances, using planes as destructive instruments of death against those who live in freedom and disrupt the ebb and flow of life in a nation that practices freedom. We see at the same time the evil forces of Hamas in the Gaza firing missiles into civilian settlements and neighborhoods trying to exterminate an entire ethnic class from the Human Race. Boko Haram, a militant Islamist movement based in Northern Africa has kidnapped or killed thousands in Nigeria and Chad. That group is moving like ISIS or ISIL to establish an Islamic state in that region.

Wars with kidnapping, decapitating, raping and killing are not the only means to take freedom from people. This is especially true for societies that have anchored their government in the ideas of freedom and liberty in a Republic or Democracy like America and Israel. The arguments and bitter fights ensue quickly between those who ascribe to different methods of keeping liberty once they have attained it. Check out the media for instance and the political structures in most democratic nations. A cursory review of the political persuasions will almost immediately expose a contrast in ideology generally crystallized in a polarization of radical positions on either side of the conservative/liberal beliefs. As the ethnocentric groups form around any idea, the arguments begin that leads to the fight for power and prominence in establishing the models of attainment of freedom and liberty.

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As each group's ideas are challenged the arguments begin. We see that clearly between our own Democrats and Republicans. Now the Tea Party and Libertarians also add to the continuum of ideology that creates friction that tears apart freedom and liberty. Within each group there is a continuum that moves from right to left with right being more conservative, while left generally means more liberal. The "raw meat" for the arguments and battles are the ideas of "how to remain free." Some of those "raw meat" articles of arguments include such things as regulations; more or less. The rights of gun ownership; limited government versus pervasive, larger more controlling government, minimal taxation or higher and higher margins of taxation. The list goes on to such things as personal responsibility, balanced budget, moral absolutes, States' Rights, Constitutional interpretations, foreign relations, military draw-down and of course, protecting the U.S. borders.

Each of those arguments within the context of our ever-present ideas of "secular freedom" are elucidated each and every day; played out by the political pundits, talking heads, politicians, educators, and regular citizens with opinions. Debate and discourse are lively, sometimes spontaneous and occasionally, caustic. In all of these issues the conservative takes one point of view, while the liberal takes the other point of view. In a spirit of compromise sometimes, the two will come together in some form of synthesis that makes its way into the common thought.

The thing we must remember is we are always talking about freedom and liberty. Everyone has a point of view with an ideology that will eventually end in conquest. We either win the debate or we don't. We preserve freedom and liberty, or we don't. ISIS or ISIL, Hamas, or Boko Haram each have an ideology that conforms to their goal for conquest and rule, but in the end it is opposed to the thinking and ideology of the Western mind. Believe it or not, their ideology has permeated our own society and we are watching them operationalize their ideology into actions. If we don't start rejecting their movement while it is still manageable, we will suffer the consequences of their actions. From that perspective their freedom and liberty by their definition and implementation will become the opposite for us as we take our place as their conquered people.


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