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Buyer's remorse


By Jim Killebrew

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[August 26, 2014]  Over the years I have heard people say, "If I knew then what I know now I would have done things differently." It seems more frequently I am hearing a "buyer's remorse" from people as they discuss their disappointment in the outcomes of the current Administration. For almost six years we have experienced the leadership of the current Administration from the Executive Branch; the first two years of the Administration the Legislative Branch shared the same political ideology and party affiliation with the Administration. Throughout the almost six years of the Administration the Senate has been consistent with the Administration. So, with the last major federal election for this Administration in November, what do the people know now that they didn't know then? And, will it make a difference in the next election?

If voters had been given a crystal ball six years ago revealing what we have lived through during the first term and subsequent re-election, would the people have a clearer understanding of the course of this President's intentions? Would it have made any difference? The promises then was leadership from a Messiah-like leader who was going to bring healing to our land. Economic security was going to be healed by redistributing the wealth from the wealthy to the poor. The perception of healthcare was broken and the promise was that healthcare would be available to every citizen, it would be the best quality in the world, it would be affordable and insurance companies would no longer control the healthcare industry.

Regarding foreign policy and America's relationship with our allies and other nations of the world would be mended, trust levels would be raised, the U.S. standing in the world would not be tarnished, leadership would prevail, any call about crisis abroad at "3:00 o'clock in the morning" would be answered with a leader who was ready and prepared to answer that call. Foreign Embassies around the world would be safe and have the respect they deserved from the population of that nation into which that Embassy was built. The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan would be ended and peace, stabilization and democracy would be left in the wake of those wars. The President's first award six years ago was the presentation of the Nobel Peace Prize awarded for the promise to bring peace around the world.

If we were given a crystal ball now revealing the policies and conditions from the ultra-liberal agenda being followed by the democrat party in Congress who are following lock-step with the President for his policies that have ruled for the past six years, would the democrats be re-elected knowing now what we didn't know then?

Absent the crystal ball, we actually have something much better. We now have the actual outcomes of the past six years of the actions of the Administration and the effectiveness of those actions in domestic and foreign policies. Pay close attention to what the President and his close advisors have told us of his "phony scandals" and the attempts to trivialize these important issues. In addition to reviewing the past six years of the Administration's policies and practices, if you want to see further evidence for a preview of coming events, take notice of the failed socialized policies implemented for the past decade by democrat mayors in the economically failed cities throughout the country.

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A short walk-through historical review of the history of cities like Cleveland, New Orleans and Detroit will shed light in the exact policies the President advocates for the entire nation. We should see by examining those policies the exact outcome of bankrupting economic ruin that results from high taxation, deficit spending, destruction of jobs and wealth redistribution. As these policies and the policies of the Administration are implemented over the next two years with another democrat, liberal government, most voters will have their eyes opened to the President's promise of "fundamental change" for America.

We are now seeing the conditions of the world when we gaze over to the Middle East, Northern Africa, Russia and Ukraine. We have witnessed the execution of an American through beheading from an extremist terrorist group called ISIS or ISIL. They have boasted they will plant their flag atop the White House in the United States. They have established a caliphate by occupying part of Syria and Iraq. Thousands of Christians are being slaughtered in that world, women are being raped and kidnapped for ransom. Yet we see a variation of ideas of what to do about this crisis from within the Administration between the Department of Defense, Pentagon Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the President with his advisors. Up to this point it appears to many the Administration seems not to have an idea of what to do in this crisis.

The Southwestern border of the United States is another example of outcomes from policies the Administration has put in place. By projecting to the world there are no consequences for illegal immigrants crossing the U.S. border and even a possible chance to be legalized with citizenship is completely against the laws already passed regarding border security. The President is already talking about "taking matters" into his own hand by the use of his "pen and phone" to circumvent Congress and the laws to change the immigration status of as many as five million illegal immigrants. The gigantic holes in border security has already allowed a steady flow of drug transport into America. No official knows for sure how many terrorists from groups like ICIS have slipped across the border.

Perhaps we have been blessed to have been given a Crystal Ball of sorts, to finally see the destructive nature of phony scandals, overspending, government spying on citizens, lavish life-styles of public officials, crisis on foreign soil and leaving American diplomats, and military behind for the slaughter is too high a price to pay for politicians to lead us to destruction. There continues to be an opportunity for "We the People" to get it right in November, and again in 2016. I hope we do.

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