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Police Reports

Lincoln and Logan County accident, incident and arrest reports

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[December 08, 2014]  Reports posted Monday, Dec. 8:

Dec. 5, 3:33 p.m.
Location: Woodlawn Road at Connolley Drive
Drivers and vehicles:

  • Conrad, Mary E., 54;
    2003 Chevrolet Venture 4x2 Exte

  • Danley, Heather L., 25;
    2003 Ford Taurus SE

Contributing factors: following too closely, distraction from outside vehicle 

Dec. 5, 9:31 p.m.
Location: Woodlawn Road at Lincoln Parkway
Drivers and vehicles:

  • Hughes, Dustin A., 18;
    1989 Chevrolet Prizm owned by Curtis R. Moore

  • Henrikson, Heather N., 29;
    2014 Dodge Caravan owned by Nola D. Tolle

Contributing factors: failing to yield right of way, driving skills, knowledge, experience
Citation issued to: Hughes, for failure to yield when turning left 

Dec. 6, 12:39 p.m.
Location: Broadway Street at North Sangamon Street
Drivers and vehicles:

  • Wheeler, Chasen J., 22;
    2003 Pontiac Grand AM SE1 owned by Ashley E. Sutton

  • Degroot, Virginia K., 63;
    2010 Chrysler Town & Country M

Contributing factors; failing to reduce speed to avoid crash, unable to determine
Citation issued to: Wheeler, for failure to reduce speed to avoid an accident 

Dec. 7, 4:00 p.m.
Location: Pekin Street at North Ottawa Street
Drivers and vehicles:

  • Underage driver


  • 2015 Lexus RX 350 owned by Janet B. Halford

Contributing factors: driving skills, knowledge, experience, unable to detemine 

Dec. 8, 12:15 a.m.
Location: Lincoln Parkway at Union Street
Drivers and vehicles:

  • Moore, Shayquille C., 21;
    2006 Nissan Sentra

Damage to property belonging to Illinois DNR (deer)
Contributing factors: animal, not applicable 

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Lincoln Police Department

  • Albright, Lajoya L., 19, of Chicago, arrested Dec. 6 in the 500 block of Keokuk Street on charges of battery and aggravated battery. 

  • Boyer, Christopher W., 34, of Lincoln, arrested Dec. 8 at his residence on charge of domestic battery. 

  • Jones, Amanda L., 30, of Lincoln, arrested Dec. 5 in the 800 block of Malerich Drive on charge of retail theft. 

  • Massey, James R., 32, address unknown, arrested Dec. 7 in the 200 block of Stahlhut Drive on charge of disorderly conduct. 

  • Robinson, Yolanda C., 39, of Lincoln, arrested Dec. 8 at her residence on charge of domestic battery. 

  • White, Bryan S., 21, of Lincoln, arrested Dec. 7 at his residence on charges of obstructing a peace officer and disorderly conduct.

Logan County Sheriff’s Department

  • Ingram, James C., 53, of Mount Pulaski, arrested Dec. 7 at his residence on charge of false police report.

Atlanta, Elkhart, Illinois Department of Natural Resources, Illinois State Police, Mount Pulaski, San Jose,

No arrest reports.

The public is reminded that anyone is presumed innocent until charges are proven in a court of law.


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