Monday, December 15, 2014
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Holiday Worship Guide:
A blessed Advent journey to you!
By Rev. Jan Johnson, Interim Pastor
St. John United Church of Christ

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[December 15, 2014]  LINCOLN - As this is being typed, some of the St. John UCC members are busy writing a daily meditation for our Advent Booklet. The thoughts and memories and carols are beginning to come in for retyping and printing. The congregation is sharing part of their faith through the incredible story of Christ's birth into this world.

Many will connect our God's birth into this world through the carols we love to sing! Some will connect their faith to the history which surrounds the birth of Jesus through the real time events of the time of Quirinus, the Governor of Syria. Still others will feel close to the manger through the visitation of the angels to the "shepherds abiding in the fields keeping watch over their flocks by night." All this and more prepares our hearts and our minds, our homes and our congregations for the celebration of Christ's birth again this year.

But first comes Advent. Advent is the time of preparation for Christ's coming. We realize once we begin Advent that there is much for which to prepare! There are our homes to clean, reminding us that Jesus was not born in a hospital but in a manger built for animals. There is food to prepare reminding us that God provides us with Spiritual Food through Word and Sacrament. There are gifts to purchase and wrap, reminding us that the Wise of this world brought the Baby Jesus gifts that would help him live out his earthly life and that gifts are given from the heart or they are not gifts at all.

Even more than ALL of this, Advent is a journey. It is our Spiritual Journey from death to life, from living life falsely to living life in the Truth that Christ brings. Advent is the Spiritual Journey from darkness to the Light of the World. Everything about Advent gets us ready for the Hope of the World to be born in us and through us once again this year.

May God Bless Your Journey:
May you arrive safely,
May you live differently because Christ has come, and May your Advent preparations open you fully to the love of the Christ Child;
Immanuel, God with us!

A Blessed Christmas to all!
Rev. Jan Johnson, Interim Pastor
St. John United Church of Christ

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