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Jane Fonda not a Nancy Reagan

By Jim Killebrew

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[February 06, 2014]  Two or three months ago a Hollywood film entitled "The Butler" made its rounds in the theaters. It has recently been released in video and is now out in the video circuit and has been viewed by millions of people. It is about a butler who worked for many years at the White House and served many presidents along the way. It is an insightful movie that demonstrates the determination of a man who came from humble beginnings and went on to rub elbows with the most powerful men in the world. In many ways it is an inspiring movie. One decision the moviemakers made, however, cast a light on their own political bias more than the obvious depictions of the presidential characters combined; that decision was their choice of the actress who played Nancy Reagan.

The group associated with the film "The Butler" has an ax to grind with America. Each one has been critical of the conservative perspective represented by Ronald Reagan and his movement in the 1980s. It is my opinion they have either subliminally or directly tried to retell the story of President Reagan in a way that diminishes his contribution to American culture and society. The portrayal was crass and put Nancy Reagan in a light reflective of control, selfishness, a bit mystic, overbearing, overprotective of the president and a bit odd. In other words, her character was presented in the ways liberals like to think conservatives are; in reality they reflected their own behavior and transferred that onto the characters they played.

One such actress was Jane Fonda, who played the part of Nancy Reagan, the first lady. What overshadows her depiction of the first lady in that movie is in the minds of people who lived through the Vietnam era. They are acutely aware of what Jane Fonda did in the Vietnam era. Many had, and still have, friends who served in the military during that time. Many have friends who actually went to Vietnam and witnessed firsthand the horror of that war. Those friends abhor the acts she carried out that caused people to be severely beaten or to die. To this day, she is considered a traitor to America by some and does not deserve any honors being given to her.

Conversely, many people have more fond and respectful memories and opinions of Nancy Reagan. The Reagans have enjoyed a degree of respectful reputations where they performed a just service to the American people during their time in the White House. Nancy Reagan, in particular, is revered by many who thought her to be supportive, patriotic, placing Americans as the greatest people in the world and living the American dream. She served as a gracious hostess in the White House and protected the dignity and respect of the times.

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People have not been so charitable to Jane Fonda, who has been dubbed "Hanoi Jane." The filmmakers have stated their intended message,  having presented that juxtaposition of Jane Fonda cast in the role of Nancy Reagan in the movie.

Having said that, I believe people are able to recognize their behavior and change their ways. I don't know if Jane Fonda has, but she says she is very sorry for what she did when she visited North Vietnam. So she will have to live with her history as she will be judged by her history. It is her responsibility and burden to bear, and it may never be completely cleared as a stain on her behavior; consequently she will have to live in that shadow for the rest of her days.

As for me, I hope the world has moved on and we have many more things to worry about in today's world. Our country is about to fall into the hands of liberal, socialist hands and be "transformed" forever. The morality of our world is beyond repair outside of direct intervention from God. Therefore, if I had to choose between nursing a grudge against Jane Fonda or trying to educate the citizens of the U.S. to resist the overthrow of our government by liberal, socialist communists, I would choose to spend some of my time with the latter rather than the former.


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