Carroll Catholic students mark 100th day of class with a celebration

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On Monday the students at Carroll Catholic School celebrated 100 days of class for this school year. This year it took a little longer to get there, but it was worth the wait as the kindergarten and first-grade classes hosted a special morning of fun and games in the school cafeteria.

Carroll Catholic observed National Catholic Schools Week last week, and the celebration  of 100 days was supposed to occur during that week. However school cancellations due to hazardous weather pushed the event to Monday.

The morning began at 8:30 when the students from Mrs. Hanson's and Mrs. Newton's classes brought in their collections of 100 to place on display for the other students to see.

Each collection had to feature 100 pieces. The students were very creative in coming up with ideas for their collections. Items on display included 100 nails, 100 marshmallows, 100 seashells, 100 chocolate chip cookies and much, much more.

Pictures by Nila Smith




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