HSLC fundraiser brings in the crowds

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The much-improved weather conditions this weekend brought folks out by the scores to the annual Humane Society of Logan County soup fundraiser.

As folks came and went between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m., they had their choice of vegetable soup or two versions of chili  one hot and spicy, the other mild  and a hot dog. The event was in the spacious dinning room at Friendship Manor in Lincoln.

Though just a month after her shoulder surgery, HSLC director Ellen Burbage was there, flitting about, visiting with guests, working the ticket table and keeping a close eye on everything.

In addition to the meal, there were also opportunities to purchase home-baked goods to take home, and to learn more about HSLC's newest project, the Forever Home Pet Cemetery.

Pictures by Nila Smith




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