Sale of restaurant equipment and accessories will benefit Oasis building fund

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Dom Dalpoas said that once the bids for the remodeling have been received and reviewed, the Oasis board will be able to establish a budget for the project and will know how much money is needed for the senior group to get their new home ready for occupancy.

Marilyn Armbrust is one of the board members who helped decide on the purchase of Rusty's as the new Oasis home. On Monday she laughed as she saw a sign hanging on the wall near the front door of the building. The sign, an advertisement for a drink, says "Island Oasis." When the board was looking at buildings, Armbrust said a committee consisting of several members visited each place. When they came to Rusty's, one of the ladies in the group saw the sign and said; "Let this be a sign unto you ... it says OASIS!"

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