Are you smarter than a 4-H'er? Trivia day offers some big challenges at the Extension office

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[February 26, 2014]  Sunday afternoon the meeting room at the Logan County Extension office in Lincoln was someplace where only the sharpest of the sharp would have wanted to be.

The Logan County 4-H was having their first-ever "Are you smarter than a 4-H'er?" trivia day.

Six teams set went eight rounds, answering questions in the categories of Movie Quotes, Name the Year, Sports, 4-H Alumni, History, Impossible Questions, Food/Cooking Terms and Logan County 4-H.

Here's a sampling of some of the questions they had to answer. See how well you do.

  1. In Movie Quotes: What movie contained this quote: "But my lips hurt real bad"?

  2. In Name the Year: What year did the Encyclopedia Britannica suspend print editions?

  3. In Sports: What decade saw names first appear on the backs of NFL jerseys?

  4. In 4-H Alumni: How many of the following vice-presidents are 4-H alumni? A) Joe Biden, B) Al Gore, C) Dick Cheney, D) Walter Mondale

  5. In History: Which president is on the $2 bill?

  6. In Impossible Questions: A new survey reveals this TV show is the most popular show for couples to watch together.

  7. In Cooking Terms: How many calories are in a pound of fat?

  8. In Logan County 4-H: Originally it was proposed that the 4-H would be Head, Heart, Hands and ???

So are you smarter than a 4-H'er? In the eight segments, the 4-H Alumni segment stumped most of the teams. Otherwise, many of them did very well on the questions.

The smallest team in the room consisted of four members. The largest team well exceeded the six-member limit, so throughout the afternoon they switched players so everyone got a chance to participate.

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At the beginning of the event, each team was to designate their official team name. The names they came up with were Reagan & His Court, Cloverdale BrainBots, 4-H Friends, 1 Buck 2 Does & 3 Kids, Organized Chaos, and the #Super Slackers.

Halfway through the afternoon, the groups took a break and voted on their favorite team name. At the end of the day, the winner was Organized Chaos. The team won a cash prize for their clever name.

Extension staff members Patty Huffer, Amanda Gray and Lori Ward served as the judges for the day.

Huffer introduced the format, saying the teams would be given eight individual quizzes with 10 questions each plus a bonus question. Each quiz would then be worth a possible 11 points. The teams would have 10 minutes to answer the questions and turn their sheets in to the judges. The sheets were then scored and team scores posted for everyone to see.

When all the pages were scored, Huffer reviewed the quizzes out loud and gave the correct answers.

At the end of the day, it was Reagan & His Court that came out on top, with the Cloverdale BrainBots coming in second. The first- and second-place teams each won a cash prize for their efforts.

The winning team, Reagan & His Court, was made up of Reagan Tibbs, Lexi Tibbs, Megan Jackson, Pam Tibbs, Vanessa Tibbs and Cyndi Jackson.

Huffer said afterward that this was a new activity for 4-H, but the interest in it was high, and everyone seemed to enjoy the day. Therefore she is hopeful this will become an annual event.

Oh, and if you wonder if you had correct answers, find out in the key below.

Answers: 1. "Napoleon Dynamite"; 2. 2012; 3. 1960s; 4. Al Gore and Walter Mondale; 5. Jefferson; 6. "Big Bang Theory"; 7. 3,500 calories; 8. Hustle


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