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By Jim Killebrew

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[January 02, 2014]  There was a lot of media airtime, a lot of words spent talking about the unconscionable targeting by the IRS of conservative groups seeking to gain status as a charitable organization in order to obtain tax-exempt status.

One point of contention and disgrace of the practice is that it specifically targeted only select groups that had words like patriot or tea party as part of their name. The charge was that other, more liberal organizations were not treated so unfairly by not being targeted for a microscopic review of the organization with questions that actually risked restricting individuals' and organizations' rights to privacy. This scandal reached proportions so great that in other administrations it likely would have resulted in the firing of high-ranking officials of the IRS and possibly even administration Cabinet-level officials. It was not surprising that didn't happen with this administration.

Even beyond that scandal, the president has a long list of scandals basically unaccounted for: Benghazi, fast and furious; circumventing the laws, such as deportation of illegal immigrants by exempting certain classes of those he wants to keep in America, even though under the law they would be deported. He has also changed the Affordable Care Act by exempting many classes of people from the law, all outside of congressional involvement, and making promises to the American people that they could keep their policy if they liked it, knowing all the while it was an untrue promise; and this was done prior to his re-election, during his own campaign. Through that deception, he led the American people who voted for him to vote under a false pretense that led to a possible outcome built on a false promise he knew he couldn't keep.

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As egregious as these scandals are, when we put them in perspective with another incident that occurred in 1973, it becomes questionable that these incidents are quite so enormous by comparison. That incident was the Roe v. Wade decision that legalized the death of children by legally taking their lives through abortion based on a woman's right to choose. Talk about targeting conservative groups, think about abortion targeting only unborn babies. Those babies have been legally targeted by the lawmakers at the state and federal level. No other group has been targeted for such treatment; if they were, it would cause a scandal that could be heard around the world. Those babies' rights have been completely ignored for all these years; a number of human lives that have accumulated to over 56,969,700 infant souls have been taken from this country through abortion completely legally.

The fact alone that these various scandals can stand in comparison in our society with the political ones being viewed as perfectly legal, and even desired by so many in our politically charged country, while the other is viewed as the atrocity it is, demonstrates the sliding toward almost total immorality and the decline of civility in our culture.

One would hope that in the new year, 2014, people will find their hearts and push to insist that the legislators, congressmen and the administration will put forth legislation to end the American genocide of the infants affected by those who think more of a political right for a woman to choose than they do the death of a human being who never had the opportunity to take even one breath. For sure, not one single one conceived to a woman with the right to choose, never, ever had the unalienable right to "Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness."


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