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Road and bridge

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[January 06, 2014]  Below is a copy of the minutes of the Logan County Board Road and Bridge Committee meeting on Nov. 4.


Road and Bridge Meeting
Logan County Airport
November 4, 2013

Present: Bill Martin; Rick Aylesworth; Bob Farmer; Andy Meister; Gene Rohlfs; Chuck Ruben


Guests: Curt Fox; Bret Aukamp

Mr. Martin called the meeting to order at 6:55 pm.

A motion was made by Mr. Rohlfs, seconded by Mr. Meister, to approve the minutes from the August 5, September 9 and October 7, 2013 meetings as printed. Motion passed.

The list of claims for payments was reviewed. A motion was made by Mr. Aylesworth, seconded by Mr. Meister to approve the list of claims for payment. Motion passed.

Monthly report on current maintenance and construction: Mr. Aukamp reported the crew has been repairing signs, patching and mowing. Mowing is 60-70% done throughout the County. A new system was implemented for sign route reporting. The system will ensure every sign is reported on for every route. This will tighten up the system and the crew assisted in the development of the system. A culvert was replaced west of Union and the nearby ditch was also cleaned. Repairs will begin in November on various culverts on the west side of the County. Davy Schriber's last day will be November 14th. When he retires, the lead worker position will rotate among the remaining five employees. No construction projects are currently in process. Proposal booklets are being prepared for rock letting in December. The hydraulic report for Orvil Township was completed. High-speed rail crossing plans continue to undergo reviews. Review also began on a new fiber-optic permit. Township Motor Fuel is still waiting on a reimbursement from the State of Illinois. A short-term transfer was done from County Bridge until the check is received.

Old Business:

1) 5th Street Road: Mr. Aukamp reported there had been no additional progress in October.

2) High Speed Rail crossings: A meeting was held on Thursday to review crossings in Logan County. They hope to begin construction in 2014. Some issues have been resolved, but there are still some issues that need addressed.

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New Business:

1) Discussion of road use agreements and placement of utilities: In the past, high-voltage transmission lines have been required to be located ten feet off of public right-of-way on a private easement, with limited exceptions. With future wind farm developments, the committee was asked to see if they wish to continue this same policy. The committee agreed this practice should continue.

2) Planned improvements for C.H. 3 (north of San Jose) and C.H. 16 (Delavan Road): Mr. Aukamp reported very little maintenance has been done on these roads since construction in 1978. He is considering two different options for repairs. The cheapest option would be to core out the sides and add new rock with an oil and chip surface. This would be adequate for the traffic count on these roads. If the committee agrees with this option, the rock would need to be included in the December rock letting. The committee agreed with this approach.

3) Discussion of planned bridge projects: Three large bridge projects were discussed including: Primm Road over Deer Creek, Nicholson Road over Sugar Creek, and Salt Creek bridge near Chestnut. Mr. Aukamp indicated federal funding needed to be programmed for these projects. The committee agreed to prioritize them at Mr. Aukamp's discretion.

4) Review of consultant engineers for a bridge rehabilitation project on Nicholson Road (C.H. 2) over Sugar Creek (Section 13-00086-01-BR): These must be reviewed before any project paid for with federal funds can be undertaken. The committee asked Mr. Aukamp to review the submittals.

5) Equipment purchases for FY 12-13: Mr. Aukamp reported the only purchase anticipated this year would be a walk-behind plate compacter in the amount of $3,000.

6) Approval of a construction contract for placement of riprap under a bridge in Corwin Township (Section 113-B-CA): A motion was made by Mr. Aylesworth, seconded by Mr. Meister, to approve a contract with Goodman Excavation in the amount of $14,737. Roll call vote taken 6 yes 0 no Motion passed.

7) Approval of a construction contract for placement of riprap under a bridge in Elkhart Township (Section 213-B-CA): An estimate is forthcoming from Andy Bedolli for this project. If it is available prior to the Board of Whole, it will be brought forward at that time.

A motion was made by Mr. Rohlfs, seconded by Mr. Ruben, to adjourn the meeting. Motion passed. Meeting ended at 7:35 pm.

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