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Building and grounds

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[January 07, 2014]  Below is a copy of the minutes of the Logan County Board Building and Grounds Committee meeting on Dec. 3.


Building and Grounds Committee Meeting
Logan County Safety Complex
December 3, 2013

Present: Kevin Bateman; Bob Farmer; Andy Meister; Chuck Ruben; Jan Schumacher; Terry Carlton (7:08 pm)


Guests: Dennis Reves; Scott Martin; Ezra Martin; Justin Tischer

Mr. Bateman called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm.

A motion was made by Mr. Ruben, seconded by Mr. Meister, to approve the minutes from the November 5, 2013 meeting. Motion passed.

Old Business:

1) Courthouse phone system: Mr. Carlton reported there have been changes to the project in the type of servers and switches needed for each location. Consideration is also being given to replacing cable in the Courthouse. Office holders have indicated they would cover the cost of replacing the cable to have a more stable system. Programming information is being gathered for the new system. Viscon has been asked to provide a wiring diagram to include all infrastructure in the Courthouse. A motion was made by Mr. Ruben, seconded by Mr. Farmer, to approve 25 hours at $85/hour for the preparation of this diagram. Motion passed.

2) Safety Complex HVAC project: Bids that are received will be scanned and sent to the consultant for review before recommending the acceptance of any bid. The bid received from E.L. Pruitt was in the amount of $255,559, with an alternate bid of $267,634 including additional modifications. The bid received from Henson Robinson was in the amount of $249,000, with an alternate bid of $293,000 including additional modifications. There is SEDAC grant funding available in the amount of $15,000. Funding this project would appear to be a problem. However, new statute allows counties to borrow funds for projects like this.

3) Safety Complex roof: Consideration was given to replacing the roof at the same time as the potential HVAC project. Funding would need to be identified to make this project possible.

4) Bids for sandstone and step repairs: Mr. Bateman will contact Rick Whiteman again asking for an estimate for these repairs. Mr. Reves indicated he has done some minimal patching of the worst areas.

5) Benches for Scully Park: Mr. Carlton will obtain a cost estimate for consideration by the committee next month.

6) Logan County website: The current website is on an older platform and consideration needs to be given to moving it to a newer platform.

7) Courthouse IT budget: Mr. Carlton indicated more discussion can take place later, once the infrastructure wiring diagram is completed.

8) Natural gas contracting: Don Frontone did not attend the meeting. Mr. Carlton will contact him to determine if a decision can still be made in January.

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New Business:

1) County Board office/Conference Room furniture: The new computer has been ordered. Dell was also offering a discount on smaller tablets. Ms. Litterly offered to cover the cost of two tablets for use when required. The decision was made to move the County Board office to the current conference room to provide adequate space. Additional furniture is necessary to accommodate the new employee. Any furniture purchased should be oak finish to match the trim in the courthouse and the bookcases in the Regional Office of Education. A motion was made by Mr. Meister, seconded by Mr. Carlton, to approve the proposal received from Midwest Office with the removal of any non-essential items marked with a star. Motion passed. A motion to amend was made by Mrs. Schumacher, seconded by Mr. Bateman, to approval the proposal received from Midwest Office with the removal of the conference room furniture. Motion to amend and second were withdrawn. The current desk used by Pam Meagher will be used by Abbey Freese until the Regional Office of Education closes. At that time, the desk being used by Sandy Blane will be moved to the County Board office and used by Abbey. The bookcases at the Regional Office will also be moved to the County Board office at that time.


Report from Dennis Reves: Mr. Reves discussed problems with the wiring in the receptacles around the Courthouse lawn. Joe Fitzpatrick has been contacted and plans to come make the necessary repairs. Today, he worked with Main Street Lincoln to set up Christmas music playing from the rooftop speakers. It is on a timer and will not be playing overnight. Simplex recently tested all of the smoke and fire alarms in the John Logan building and the Courthouse. There is a problem with the Simplex panel for the key fobs. The panel is outdated with old software and may need replaced. The Christmas tree is up in the rotunda and the new LED lights look beautiful. Mr. Carlton reported that Tanya Conrady has been asked to provide harp music in the rotunda the week of Christmas. Nothing further to report.

Budget Review: No concerns.

A motion was made by Mr. Ruben, seconded by Mr. Farmer, to approve the bills. Motion passed.

A motion was made by Mr. Meister, seconded by Mrs. Schumacher, to adjourn the meeting. Motion passed. Meeting ended at 8:28 pm.

[Copied from file received]

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