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No free stuff

By Jim Killebrew

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[January 08, 2014]  A friend reminded me it would likely be an uphill battle for "cleaning house" in the 2014 midterm election. The reason: Too many people are used to getting "free stuff" through government entitlements that have produced generational welfare families. I think he is right about everything he said about the difficulty it will be; the only thing I question is the "free stuff" they think they are getting in exchange for their votes.

Of course you know there is no such thing as "free stuff" in this world. Everything costs something; some things more than others. Those people who think they are getting "free stuff" from the government, or the rich, are dealing with the devil himself.

It costs them their dignity, their freedom, their standard of living. A poor quality of life is their only payment. They belong to a taskmaster, the government, who is using them to keep them in poverty and suppressing them from achieving the American dream. They will never have what they dream of, and they will never be able to escape as long as they keep voting for those taskmasters who are using them.

You and I know it, but that is something else it costs them: They have no knowledge how miserable the government politicians are making their lives, the lives of their family and their children, who will eventually be generational poverty.

Nothing is free!


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