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Presidential agenda

By Jim Killebrew

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[January 10, 2014]  The latest suit involving the president's centerpiece legislation is aimed at the Little Sisters of the Poor.

This Catholic organization has been taking care of the elderly poor for 175 years. A new ruling handed down by Sonia Sotomayor, a Supreme Court justice, offered a decision granting this organization a temporary injunction from the federal Health and Human Services rules under the Obamacare law that requires a contraceptive mandate. The mandate smacks against the religious freedom enjoyed by individuals and organizations like the Little Sisters of the Poor. The administration is urging the Supreme Court to reverse the injunction and accept the contraceptive mandate against the will of organizations like the Little Sisters of the Poor.

Many believe the president has established plans in his administration to wage war against the Constitution of the United States. The establishment of a law (Obamacare) that takes over one-sixth of the nation's economy is a ploy of redistribution of wealth, a war against Christian beliefs and practices, a plan to increase taxes more substantially than ever before, provide bailout funding for large insurance companies, pave the way for the greatest debt known, which will likely be unsustainable, drive more people away from having insurance policies than the law was going to try to "fix," strip away portions of the Constitution and establish a single-payer plan in America akin to socialism.

To deflect America's attention away from the Obamacare meltdown, the president is now turning his attention to issues like extending unemployment benefits for another three months. He sees this as a way to blame the Republican leadership for being "harsh" and "cold-hearted" toward those who are depending on the unemployment checks and wish them to be continued.

The Fox News senior political analyst, Brit Hume, opined on Fox News' "Special Report" on Jan. 6, "We're now four and a half years into an economic recovery that Democrats keep telling us is getting better all the time, yet, the job market remains so weak, the jobless rate so high that the president considers it an emergency." Hume continued his analysis: "Indeed, that is the official name of these extended benefits, emergency unemployment compensation. Normally, unemployment payments run out after 26 weeks, but that was extended five years ago to 99 weeks and has been repeatedly extended since." His conclusion: "Upon taking office, the president and the party set two big goals. One was to revive the economy, the other to reform health care. The Obamacare mess tells us where we are on one; the call for further unemployment payments tells us where we are on the other." To this, he added the president's big push to continue to extend these unemployment benefits is nothing more than an admission to the failure of his own policies.

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A second theme the president will push in hope of sidelining the constant reminder of the Obamacare mess will be to again push Congress to increase the minimum wage. He will give speeches with backdrops of single breadwinner mothers whose children depend on the minimum wage job she has to keep them fed. He will point to the hard-hearted "millionaire" congressional Republican members who are selfish, inflexible and mean as the roadblock for these families having affordable salaries.

He will fail to mention the devastating effects pushing the minimum wage for temporary jobs upward will have on small businesses across the nation. Nor will he mention that the cost of living will go up for all Americans due to the increased cost of doing business resulting from the increase in the minimum wage. Nor will he mention that since Lyndon Johnson declared a "war on poverty" 50 years ago, we have spent more than $17 trillion,  and the density of poverty has not changed in those last 50 years. Nor will he mention that during his first term in office and the completion of his first year of his second term, the economy has been so bad that a recovery from the recession has been so sluggish there was a need to more than double the number of people receiving food stamps in America. Finally, he will fail to mention that he has focused his attention on taking over one-sixth of the nation's economy with his health insurance law, but has failed to focus on job creation and the fulfillment of the American dream by putting more people to work rather than redistributing the wealth through rhetoric and constant campaigning about class envy and income inequality. Try as he might, however, his millstone continues to haunt him.

The president now has at least 11 state attorneys-general brining suit against him before the courts to curb his overextended power grab to abolish the separation of power between the three branches of government. The one facet found (after politicians read the law to find out what was in it) in the Obamacare law the HHS is touting provides contraceptive requirements that go against religious, moral beliefs; it is but one of many attacks on Americans. His efforts toward redirection of attention on his centerpiece law will not turn the heads of Americans who are living proof of its misery.


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