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Immigration quandary Part 1

By Jim Killebrew

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[July 07, 2014]  I guess I am just a bit confused. I am reading so much about the issue of illegal immigration and the pros and cons about what the country should do about it, I am conflicted.

On the one hand people from Mexico are coming into the United States by the tens of thousands each year. Additionally, now there are as many or more unaccompanied children or women and children coming over the boarder having traveled a thousand miles from their Central American countries walking, trucked or riding trains through Mexico. Boarder states are having trouble with resources and those resources are being sucked up by people coming into the respective states illegally and claiming the benefits. On the other hand with the Mexican government apparently not able to curb their own ineptness and/or keep their corruption in check, the infrastructure of the nation continues to lag behind almost as a third-world economy preventing its citizens from attaining and maintaining an acceptable standard of living. Consequently the Mexican and Central American people are forced to travel north to seek a living for themselves and their families just to exist.

In the United States it is not like a person in Nebraska or Iowa would have to travel across the border to Canada or to Mexico to seek meaningful work. If work cannot be found in their local area, they might move to another city or state. The infrastructure for the citizens of the US is such as to accommodate most people in finding work, or at least continue to help with unemployment compensation when they have been laid off from work. For those who cannot work due to illness or disability, the US government at the federal and state levels has established any number of support systems to help their citizens through their need. In the US it would not be a common thought for people to immediately take flight to cross the Mexican border or travel to Central America to seek work.

Therein lies part of the issue. The United States is seen as the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. It is the “land of milk and honey” for those who are hungry; it is the “City on a hill” where the lights of plenty are calling for those less fortunate to come and be a part of the dream. Some would have us believe that America is hated universally; but that is not true for those thousands, perhaps millions, who seek to migrate to America. The majority of those folks just want to move to America and work to make a living for their family and themselves.

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So, on the other hand, with the majority of Americans claiming to be Christian, it is to America’s advantage to have people from Mexico, Central America and all over the world to come to America to see how a country founded on the Judeo-Christian principles of life now live; and perhaps by chance hear the Gospel of Christ preached from the pulpits of America and the lives of those claiming to be Christian. Churches from across America send out missionaries across the world each year to “proclaim the good news” and share the love of God with other people groups.

This “turnaround” of other people groups wanting to come to America by the tens of thousands will form a “double-edged” sword, with the sword representing the Bible, we may need to send less to a dying world to present Jesus, but let the dying world come to the Church of America to see Jesus.

Therefore, from a Christian perspective and from a patriotic, American citizen’s perspective, and one who believes in the foundational principles of our nation to receive refugees from all parts of the world with the assimilation of those people groups into our culture to live out the freedoms and pursuit of happiness as we all know them, I want people to come to America and become a part of the American family.

Since the United States of America is a country built on laws and is a sovereign nation, there are certain conditions that must be met as any country in the world has its own conditions for immigration. The conditions in America should be first to enter legally. Additionally, those wishing to migrate to the United States and stay to participate in the American Dream should be willing to Learn the Language. Then they must study American History, accept the founding principles on which America was built, obey the Constitution and integrate into the culture.

In Part 2 of this article the points of these conditions will be spelled out further.


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