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Thursday, July 03, 2014


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Psalm 55.22
Cast your burden to God, and God will sustain you; God will never permit the righteous to be moved.

Think for a second and recognize where you are.

Think for a moment of how you got there.

What obstacles did you overcome?

What challenges did you face?

Remember when you thought you couldn’t make it?

Remember when you almost stopped?

Chances are, on this road, or that journey, you didn’t do it alone.


Chances are, you’ve had friends encouraging you; family checking in on you; and strangers, yes strangers, being an unexpected positive presence in the prayers they prayed for you.

A journey does not always look like a trail with footprints in the sand.

A journey can be seen in the mile marker—a stone placed to mark a transition; a time when what was weighing you down has been lifted.

And because we travel this life together, over time the trail becomes a story, a collection of stones from a community.

And after a while, all these stones, the burdens that have been set down, become the road we travel.

Further reminding us that we are not alone.

But also,


“Be kind; everyone is fighting a great battle.

May the sun shine warm upon your face as you journey through this day…



Down, Seams

Lay it down
Or cast it to the side
Whatever you do
It is not yours to hide
This burden
That burden
Weighs down
Slows down
Your heart
Your mind

Lay it down
Drop it
Leave it
Walk away
Slowly leave
A part of you,
A gift now to the world
The foundation
Of an altar
Not only yours

Lay it down
Don’t hold it
Any longer
Doing so will rob
The world of your gift
Dream big, live wildly
Your heart’s desire
To conspire
Beauty and
Inspire art

Lay it down,
Stones become
And stepping stones
Made up of stories
Like yours, mine
And ours, becoming
Runways for dreams
Lift off, life bursting

At the seams

[Adam Quine, Pastor First Presbyterian Church in Lincoln]


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