Tuesday, July 15, 2014
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County board tentatively agrees to new roof and HVAC for Safety Complex

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[July 15, 2014]  LINCOLN - The Logan County board met for their monthly workshop on the 10th of July. One of the primary topics of discussion that night was the possible expenditure of funds to repair the roof of the Safety Complex and the addition of new HVAC units to the building. In addition, the elevator at the Logan County Courthouse has recently been found needing upgrades.

Building and Grounds expenditures

Kevin Bateman, chairman of the Buildings and Grounds Committee, opened the discussion with a motion to approve the bid from Hanson and Associates to repair the roof of the Safety Complex. The bid was for a cost of $109,500. The motion was seconded by Chuck Ruben, and approved unanimously without further discussion of that specific portion of the total costs.

The second motion made by Bateman was to expend funds for additional roof work and the installation of new HVAC systems on the Safety Complex. Ruben seconded the motion and offered the total expected cost of the new motion.

“If you run a quick total, it’s right at $340,000, rounded off,” said Ruben. Ruben said the county would be expected to pay at least twenty-five percent of the cost within thirty days of the beginning of construction, and the remainder could be spent out of the next fiscal year’s budget.

Bateman said the original bids were intended to fix one of the HVAC units on the roof, but further inspection revealed the deteriorating conditions of the Complex’ roof and other units. Bateman said the repair company would work repairing one of the units on the roof immediately before working in conjunction with the roofing company in September.

“This would include a twenty-year warranty for both the HVAC units and the roof,” said Bateman, “Once this is all done, we should be good for a few decades on the Safety Complex.”

Bateman also said the systems being installed are also eligible for a few grants, which can help to reduce the cost slightly. “Any little bit helps,” said Bateman.

Jan Schumacher said this may be a good time to complete a lighting project for the Safety Complex. This would add another $11,000 to the cost, but rebates would reduce the overall cost to $3,800.

A straw vote for the motion to approve the expenditure of $340,000 was approved unanimously.

A third motion for the lighting project was also approved unanimously by straw vote. The lighting would consist of mainly outdoor fixtures and be installed by BLI Lighting out of Bloomington, whom the county has worked with in the past.

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In order to help pay for these expenditures, Ruben made a motion out of the finance committee to transfer funds to the Buildings and Grounds Department. Specifically, Ruben made a motion to transfer $80,000 from the County Farm line items to Buildings and Grounds. This money would be used in addition with money already in the latter to a combined total of $170,000 or half of the total estimated cost.

There was no further discussion on the motion, and it was approved unanimously in a straw vote to transfer the funds. Ruben said that the finance committee was still in talks with other organizations under the county to see where some more money can be borrowed from internally or externally.

In addition, the expected costs to repair and upgrade the elevator system at the courthouse could cost an additional $130,000, and will need to be addressed in the near future.

“I want to point out that all of these funds, I would like us all to keep in mind- and it’s going to be a long time, through several boards- at some point we will return these funds to where they came from,” said Ruben.

Bateman said he commends Ruben on the latter’s effort to find sources within the county operations to borrow as much money as possible for these efforts without turning to outside loans.

Upcoming roadwork

County Engineer Bret Aukamp informed the board that resurfacing of part of Nicholson Road is set to begin in the first week of August. The road will be surfaced starting just on the outside of the city limits of Lincoln, covering two miles of road.

In addition, the board approved the expenditure of funds to begin a joint repair effort with the town of Elkhart. Specifically, a bridge between Elkhart and Cornland will have riprap applied to it.

Board member present at the meeting were David Hepler, Kevin Bateman, Rick Aylesworth, Chuck Ruben, Gene Rohlfs, Robert Farmer, Jan Schumacher, David Blankenship, and Pat O’Neill. Andy Anderson, Andy Meister, and Emily Davenport were absent.



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