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Illegal border crossing solution

By Jim Killebrew

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[July 17, 2014]  The last few weeks we have watched the news and listened to the various experts on both sides of the issue talk about the crisis on the Southwest border in Texas. We have seen thousands of unaccompanied children from Central America arrive at that border and walk across the river into the United States. Having arrived they voluntarily submitted themselves to the border guards who are some miles away well into the boundaries of the United States. The laws that have been written prevent the guards from turning the children around; they must accept them as now what is being called refugees.

From that moment those who are Other Than Mexicans (OTM) will be taken to the detention centers and later dispersed across the country, given papers, released to their family already in the United States and told to report for disposition through the court systems within 90 days. Of course we know they are not reporting since the backlog of people now number in the tens of thousands the estimated time of disposition extend even beyond five years.

The border to the United States is open, totally non-secure even though the liberal talking points from the “experts” say the border is completely secure and the children coming across are not “illegal” since they are turning themselves in to the agents and are seeking asylum from the violence, murder, rape and torture being perpetrated against them in their home country. At this point neither the President nor the Congress seems to be doing anything about the issue.

Meanwhile, the border guards are tending to the children who have been brought to the border and dropped off after traveling a thousand miles across Mexico, the people who want to do the citizens of the United States harm are strolling across the border almost unchecked.

There is one sure way to absolutely end the mass movement of illegal immigrants to the United States that would be 100 percent effective. We would never have to worry about anyone wanting to sneak across our Southwestern borders, or any of our borders or coastlines. A friend sent a humorous picture of a prison that indicated it was the perfect liberal utopian. That environment provides, everyone treated equally, free food, free medical and healthcare and only the police and guards have guns.

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And yet, even though this is funny, it truly is a microcosm of the entire totalitarian society. Look at the USSR during the communist days; the millions who were murdered during the Stalin reign. If you look at the other facets of the prison you will also see the people incarcerated there have no choice in the work they do, they make only pennies on the dollar for payment for work they do, they are completely controlled by the ones in charge, they have no rights whatsoever, they are given only what the overseers want them to have, there is no “dream” of rising in socio-economic ranks, and they have no hope of escape. Extrapolate that microcosm to the general society and you have an accurate picture of what the socialist/communist wants to see in America. Secular progressivism can only end in wholesale prison for the entire society. If you don’t believe it, examine every socialist, communist country in the history and see the type of life the people had or have. How many of those countries have had or do have a problem with people from other countries trying to illegally get into them?

So, the tried and true way to completely end the issue of illegal immigration and tens of thousands of people trying to get into the country, simply do the following:

Continue to elect secular progressives who will follow the “pen and phone” policies and regulations currently being implemented, fill all the important federal agency jobs with the secular progressives, decrease or eliminate the backbone of the military and continue to enact programs to eliminate jobs and continue to make citizens dependent on the government. That will make this country look like all those other countries from where people are currently fleeing.


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