Thursday, July 17, 2014
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Illinois State Police post emergency rules to address statutory framework of the firearm concealed carry act
New operating rules include providing applicants, subject to denial, reasoning for objection

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[July 17, 2014]  SPRINGFIELD – Illinois State Police (ISP) officials announced today that emergency amendments were filed on Thursday, July 10, effective immediately, to further strengthen the statutory framework of the Firearm Concealed Carry Act. 

The emergency rules include a provision on the consideration of objections and the decisions of the Concealed Carry License Review Board (CCLRB).  If an application may be denied, the CCLRB will send the applicant notice of the objection, including the reason for the objection and the agency submitting the objection.  The applicant has 10 days to provide the CCLRB with evidence to prove the applicant’s eligibility. 

“Our work as a Board continues to evolve and collectively we have been judicious in supporting the state’s implementation of the Firearm Concealed Carry Act.  The Board thoughtfully considers every objection received from law enforcement agencies, and we believe that these emergency rules will provide a more defined framework on processes and procedures that impact applicants and the public,” said CCLRB Chairperson Robinzina Bryant. 

The emergency rulemaking strengthened the CCLRB review process in areas such as CCLRB Meetings, CCLRB Conflicts of Interest, CCLRB Department Liaison, CCLRB Consideration of Objections, CCLRB Reporting, Decisions of the CCLRB, and Hearings of the CCLRB. 

The CCLRB developed these emergency rules to strengthen and provide an operating framework of the Firearm Concealed Carry Act for the CCLRB.  The CCLRB is responsible for reviewing all objections presented by local law enforcement agencies or by the ISP.   The CCLRB votes to determine if an objection is sustained, and determines if the Concealed Carry License (CCL) applicant is eligible to obtain a CCL. 

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The CCLRB will use every resource and necessary time extension to ensure that the reviews are conducted fairly and thoroughly under the newly established emergency rules. 

The Rules will officially be published in the July 25 Illinois Register and can be located on the ISP website under the CCL tab at:

Certificate of Emergency Ammendments (Pdf)


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