Thursday, July 17, 2014
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Lincoln City council approves $2.3 million TIF project

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[July 17, 2014]  LINCOLN - Tuesday evening with six members of the Lincoln City Council present, the vote to approve a TIF application from local business owner David Lanterman passed unanimously. The council also approved issuance of a $2.3 million bond to cover the citys investment in the project.

The city will give the money to Lanterman for the development of the Lincoln Grand 8 Theater. The money will return to the city through the increase in property taxes derived from the expansion.

Included in the $2.3 million is $300,000 for streetscape work in front of the theater complex on South Kickapoo. The $300,000 will be reimbursed back to Lanterman by the city.

At the beginning of the evening Tuesday, Mayor Keith Snyder re-convened the voting session from Monday, July 7th for the purpose of taking these two votes.

Before voting Snyder told aldermen, Lanterman was present and wished to address the council.

Lanterman began saying he wanted to thank the council for their careful consideration of the TIF application. He said this had been a project 4 years in the making, and nothing had been taken lightly in developing this plan.

I do not take this project lightly," he said. "I realize what Im putting on the line and am willing to give 200 percent to make this work. It has to succeed for me to succeed. It is very personal.

Lanterman went on to say that he had received tremendous community support for the project, and was appreciative of that as well.

Ive had an amazing amount of positive comments about the project. The most exciting thing I actually get is from a group we never see connected to our community, and that would be the 20- to 30-year olds. Every one of them that I see that have heard of this are so excited about this project being one of the first that they feel connected to. They think this is going to make a difference in their life as well as the community," he concluded.

Marty Neitzel commented saying that this is the kind of project that constitutes the reason she serves the city as an alderman. She wants to push the community and the town forward.

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Lanterman said another aspect of this project was the draw from outside of the immediate community. He said he wanted people to come just to see the theater, not necessarily even to watch a movie, but to just see this great building. He said, I want them to say, "I want you to see this place.

When Snyder asked for motions, the first was to approve the city taking out the $2.3 million bond. That motion was made by Melody Anderson and seconded by Kathy Horn. The motion passed 6 0.

The second motion was to approve an ordinance for the redevelopment agreement with Lanterman. A motion was made by Neitzel and seconded by Anderson. That motion also passed with a 6 0 vote.

Aldermen present for the meeting included Melody Anderson, Michelle Bauer, Scott Cooper, Kathy Horn, Marty Neitzel, and Tom O'Donohue. Jeff Hoinacki and Jonie Tibbs were absent for the evening.


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