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Abortion travesty

By Jim Killebrew

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[July 18, 2014]  According to the Guttmacher Institute there have been 57,000,728 abortions in the United States since the Supreme Court decision to support the law that legalized abortion in 1973 by way of the Roe vs. Wade Case. In the United States there are over 2,000 abortions each and every day. While logging onto the abortion counter provided with the Guttmacher Institute it is noted that the number of abortions worldwide each minute of the day is 77; that is 40,471,200 each year. Even if it was possible to have one entire day where everyone in the world was at peace, meaning the total absence of war, there would still be 110,880 murders through abortion in that one day of peace worldwide.

That number does not count the number of viable embryos destroyed by the “morning after” pill or other abortion medication used as a form of “contraception” used by those who have not taken other forms of contraceptive methods. These forms of “medication” are the ones the government has listed as appropriate for use and employer payment required by the Affordable Care Act. The case involving the privately owned Hobby Lobby heard by the United States Supreme Court recently decided the employer is not required to pay for those particular forms of “contraception.”

When those numbers of abortions in the United States and around the world are studied it is a mind-blowing experience to let it sink in the number of human lives lost throughout America and the rest of the world imposed by governments either through policy of requirement or as in the case in America, through the legalization of the practice and calling it “choice” by each woman who chooses to terminate the pregnancy by abortion. The magnitude of this practice pales by comparison to the practices of “ethnic cleansing,” “genocide,” “political cleansing,” “final solutions,” and wars around the world.

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From a Christian perspective one wonders the accumulated souls of those children and the special place in heaven for those who “never was” but will “always be.” One cannot even fathom the judgment waiting from the God of the universe Who stated, “Suffer these little children to come unto me.” That judgment will ultimately administer justice for the spilled blood of so many millions of innocent lives lost only to appease the convenience or the choice of those who simply cannot be bothered with the lives of so many little ones.

As I listen to the people who are forcefully in favor of abortion during any time from conception to full-term under any circumstances for any reason, it makes me wonder if any of them have ever had a conversation with their own Mom to see if she shared the same passion for abortion now espoused by her offspring. Have they ever had a conversation with their Mom regarding her having the same passion for abortion for her perspective grandchildren as her offspring does? Then I wonder what it is in that person’s life that was the tipping point of accepting the belief that her own child should be destroyed.


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