July School Tax report

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[July 21, 2014]  Logan-Mason-Menard Regional Superintendent of Schools Jean Anderson's office has received a payment of Logan County sales tax revenue for school facilities. The payment covers the sales month of April, 2014, and the amount received was $167,343.45.

These funds go to all public school districts that have territory in Logan County, based on the number of students who live in that territory. The funds may be used by the districts for school facility purposes outlined in the School Code portion of the Illinois Compiled Statutes. Distributions are based on housing and enrollment numbers that school officials reported to the Illinois State Board of Education in the fall of 2013.

The funds received will be distributed to the school districts on or before August 5.

State law directs regional education offices to distribute these funds and allows the offices to hold the funds in their accounts for up to 30 days. School districts maintaining agreements with Regional Office of Education 38 permit the office to keep interest earned on the funds during that time. Interest accrued will be used to provide services to the school districts in the region, including the additional work and inspections resulting from expected construction, renovation and maintenance projects. The school districts receive a report on how much interest money is earned and how it is being spent. When no agreement is present, funds for that particular district are deposited in a non-interest-bearing account until distribution.

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So far, the amounts collected and distributed for each month are as follows:

Sales month



April 2013

July 2013


May 2013

August 2013


June 2013

September 2013


July 2013

October 2013


August 2013

November 2013


September 2013

December 2013


October 2013

January 2014


November 2013

February 2014


December 2013

March 2014


January 2014 April 2014


February 2014 May 2014


March 2014 June 2014


April 2014

July 2014


See table below for payments to school districts.

[Text from file received from Regional Office of Education 38]

Breakdown of dollars per school (click to enlarge)

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