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Pre-election tributaries

By Jim Killebrew

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[July 21, 2014]  Really, when you think about it don’t you feel sorry for the members of the Senate in the democrat party who are up for re-election this year? They will have been in the Senate for almost six years and their time is now up and they need to make their case to their constituents to vote for them again if they have any desire to return to their Washington lifestyle. But collectively, they have a real problem; what are they going to campaign for to convince the people to vote for them again?

Think about it: They all voted for the Affordable Care Act, better known as Obamacare. In fact they were the only ones who voted for it. The bill was passed with only democrat votes; Obamacare was made law only by democrats since no republican voted for it. Of course over the last two or three years during the roll-out of the Obamacare insurance there has been very little other than problems. Millions of people lost their insurance, premiums skyrocketed for most people, physicians have left their practices, employers have taken advantage of the shortened work week offering only part-time work to people who had full-time jobs just to avoid the staggering cost increase, business owners have had to provide insurance coverage at their cost for procedures and coverage that places them in conflict with their moral values and people lost their doctors in whom they trusted for many years. So the democrats running for re-election cannot run on that healthcare issue.


Perhaps they can run on the economy. Whoops, no, not that either. We have essentially been in a recession since the President took office back when these senators came into power themselves. Their terms have patterned his term in office essentially and the people in their districts have suffered because the economy has suffered too. People have lost jobs; at least 92 million people across the country are out of work. Then there are those who have to work two or more part-time jobs just to make ends meet. Everything costs more now than when they were first elected; gasoline, food, energy, basic essentials. There is a shortage of discretionary income for the frills of life like entertainment, vacations, holidays, trips to the beach or picnics, or just plain shopping for some recreational items. For many families in America the paycheck has to be pulled mighty thin to make ends meet; in fact, there is even a rising debt as families struggle to put food on the table, gas in the car and clothing for their kids. Inflation is rising, taxes are astronomical, and the middle class is diminishing before our very eyes. Poverty is increasing while kids across America are going to bed hungry in greater numbers every night. Families are relying on the thrift stores for clothing, the food pantries for their food and special assistance from charitable groups to supplement the bill-payment rough spots. Nope, those democrats cannot run on the economy.

Okay then, what about keeping Americans safe. Well, there is the porous border around the United States that is allowing tens of thousands of illegal immigrants to enter the country. Almost four billion dollars has been requested by the President to take care of the unaccompanied children who have entered after having traveled through the entirety of Mexico. No money for the poor in America, but seemingly plenty for those who come illegally. Drug cartels are playing havoc in Texas, Arizona and New Mexico, as well as California; brining in illegal guns and drugs while endangering the citizens of those states. Safety is an issue that has left Americans scratching their heads wondering “what’s going on” with the invasion on the borders. What is the reason a country like America cannot enforce the laws on the books in order to protect the American citizens who already live in the country? No, the democrats likely cannot run on their record of keeping their citizens safe.

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For sure the democrats can run on their record of foreign policy, right? Well, look around at the world. What happened to the “red line” that was drawn several times in Syria before tens of thousands were killed in that country? The President, with the backing of his democrats, drew the line several times and then backed down; this sent a signal to the rest of the world that America was becoming weak. Think too about the President projecting around the world that he was going to withdraw all the American troops from Iraq and leave the country, a fledgling, immature democracy to fend for itself. A vacuum was created from his decision and look what happened. From the Syrian fighting the ISIS fighters with Taliban insurgents swooped down into the Iraqi cities right up to Bagdad and created a terrorist state of their own. Leading from behind, the Administration has weakened the strength of the nation and helped create a more dangerous world than has been known since the fall of communism. No matter where an American looks in the world today the influence of America has been weakened by the “lead from behind” policies of the democrat Administration. No, foreign policy will not be spoken of too loudly during the election cycle by the democrats hoping to be re-elected.

So, what will the democrats be running on you ask? The only thing they can do is create diversion and distractible issues to feed to the liberal media to chew on to keep the American voter occupied so as not to think about these other major issues. We will see the democrat politicians talking about such things as the republicans waging a “war on women.” We will see them talking about women having their rights taken away by not having their “contraceptives” paid for by the taxpayer; only it will be in terms of “denying healthcare to women.” They will searching for little “mole hills” to make mountains of just to keep the voter off-balance from talking about the economy, the destruction of the military, the issues with healthcare, the lack of healthcare from the Veterans Administration Hospital System, the issues about the corruption in the IRS, NSA, CIA, FBI and other agencies of the democrat controlled forces that are being forced to weaken the American Dream.

The voter should be warned right now that in the next 120 days the media will try to cover up the major issues on which the democrats should be discussing by replacing them with minutia subjects to spin away the time between now and the election so the voting public will be uninformed when they enter the voting booth so they will vote for status quo. Please do not be sucked into their ploy; we deserve better.


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