Czech film makers capture nothing more American
than Route 66 and apple pie
Album 2

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Pictures by Curt Fox and Nila Smith

The Czech travelers had special t-shirts made for their trip on the Mother Road.

The contest was scheduled to take place at the feet of Atlanta’s giant lumber jack hot dog man.



Pie eating contestant, referred to by the Czechs as “Robo” in front of the wayside sign for the hot dog man.

An important part of this competition was that it was being filmed to be included in a Czech documentary movie about Route 66.

Kris and Jared ready to go at it for the honor of Atlanta!


This contestant voiced that he was concerned for his beard. Emcee Bill Thomas also worried about if there would be more pie in the beard than in the belly.

Bill Thomas of Atlanta Betterment and Andrea Foli, the interpreter for the Czech Route 66 adventure.



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